Learning Notes Week of April 30

Learning Notes Week of April 30

Tulips and azaleas.


Crabapple blossoms.

Monday April 30

Dentist appointment first thing in the morning. Tried to do a little school when we came home.

Anthony: math, copywork

Ben: math, explode the code

Sophie: was too hungry and out of sorts, not even going to try

Bella: math, copywork.

Reading: St John Masias, Story of the World, Alfred the Great, The Kitchen Madonna


Their new favorite hangout is on the roof of the shed at the side of the house.

Tuesday May 1

Herring Ladder field trip

This was a lovely field trip to Middleborough Massachusetts where there’s a herring ladder to help the spawning fish bypass a couple of dams on the Taunton River. We got to the park early and had a picnic lunch and explored while we waited about an hour for our friends to arrive. Then when everyone had gathered we listened to a short talk by local volunteer fish wardens, who told us about the herring life cycle, the problems of pollution, and the program that reintroduced herring to rivers in Rhode Island. After the talk we split into two groups. Our group began by going to the top of the ladder to count herring as they left the top pool and headed back into the river. Then we swapped and went to the bottom of the ladder where our warden guide caught some herring in a net so we could get a closer look.

We watched a gull catch and eat a herring, spotted some red-wing blackbirds and some herons. Also after the formal program the kids got to run around and play with friends, wade in the river, and eat a snack while the moms sat and talked. It was very good to see friends and to enjoy beautiful spring weather.

On the way to and from Middleborough we listened to our current audiobook, The Magician’s Nephew.


Ben at the herring ladder.


Sophie looks for herring in the ladder.


Inspecting the river.


Foam on the river.



By the river.


Counting herring.


Touching herring.


Lucy touching a herring.


Putting the herring back.


Looking for herring in the river. (Only one child fell in, not one of mine.)


Wednesday May 2

Anthony: Math, copywork, read about St Athanasius

Benedict: math, copywork, read a Bob book

Sophie: math, copywork

Bella: math….

Anthony, Lucy, Bella and I worked on nature journaling about our herring field trip. The children each drew a herring while I sketched a herring and also the ladder the dams, the gull catching a herring, and a map of the park.

Stories: King Alfred, Augustus Caesar’s World, North with the Spring, St Magnus, Kitchen Madonna.

Bedtime: House of Many Ways.


Anthony’s herring.


My herring sketch (I traced the herring off of the handout and then filled in the details).


My map of our herring trip in my nature journal.


Bella’s herring sketch, also her friend Rory.


Lucy’s herring picture.

Thursday May 3

all: math and copywork

It was a fine day and they were all desperate to play outside.

Stories: Alfred, Magnus, Story of the World, St John Masias. Finished Kitchen Madonna.

Bedtime: House of Many Ways

Bella reading The Scarlett Pimpernel.


Friday May 4

Bella read aloud to Lucy (and everyone else). I think she’d read four or five books before I even got up. Sometimes I fear I don’t read to Lucy enough. But Bella helps pick up the slack. A lot. It’s really so very sweet. (Sophie also reads aloud, though she tends more towards reading graphic novels and comics to the boys with Lucy sometimes tagging along.)

Everyone did copywork and math

We went to the grocery store.

We didn’t have afternoon stories, too tired after shopping.

Bedtime: Mother Goose and Where the Wild Things Are


Bella reads to Lucy and the boys.


Toad in the grass


Toad on a board.

Saturday May 5

On Saturday we went to the first farmer’s market of the season, accompanied by Dom’s parents.
It was lovely to see all our market friends and our beloved beach. When we came home we sat on the patio and listened to Nanu’s stories and snacked on good food.


Beach at Hingham Farmer’s Market… so glad to be back in season.


On the mud flats at Hingham beach


Looking for treasures on the mudflats.


Bella hums for a periwinkle.


Saturday afternoon on the patio with Grandma and Nanu.


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