Learning Notes Week of April 23

Learning Notes Week of April 23

Playing catch up with learning notes. I’ve fallen far behind.

Monday April 23

Anthony did math and copywork and read about St George.

Ben did math, copywork and Explode the Code.

Sophie did math and copywork.

Bella wrote half a dozen little poems and then did math.

We watched a video of John Muir Laws about keeping a nature journal. Bella and I were inspired. The others not as much.

Anthony and I investigated a square foot of lawn and identified 4 plants, no animals. I sketched notes in my sketchbook and he drew a picture of some creeping Charlie.

I had a doctor appointment so no afternoon stories.

Bedtime story: House of Many Ways.


My nature journal.


Bella’s journal with shells.


My nature journal.


Anthony’s nature journal.


Tuesday April 24

Anthony did math and copywork and read about St Fidelis. He’s reading Narnia. Lots and lots of Narnia.

Ben did math, copywork and Explode the Code.

Sophie did math and copywork, dictation, French, and read from Child’s Geography. She’s reading Genesis, a book about St Dominic, and The Rose Round.

Bella did math, copywork, Latin, dictation. She’s reading James Herriot and Rilla of Ingleside.

Afternoon stories out on the patio! St Magnus, St John Masias, Story of the World (Norse gods), Kitchen Madonna. Also some selections of poetry from my new anthology All Through the Night, edited by Marie Heaney (the wife of Seamus Heaney).

Bedtime story: House of Many Ways.

Kids spent a lot of time outside today. And after all the nasty weather we’ve had this spring, I was loathe to rein them in. Let them run and enjoy the sun and the grass, bare feet and bare arms.

Wednesday April 25

Began the day reading the children an article about a farm in England whose owners had re-wilded it. A really lovely article that sparked some great conversation.

Anthony: math, copywork, read about St Mark

Ben: math, copywork, Bob book.

Sophie: math, copywork, dictation, French, geography

Isabella: math, copywork, Latin, composition. (Spent most of the morning writing a story.)

Read aloud: Story of the Chosen People, St Magnus, St John Masias, Alfred the Great, Doorway of Amethyst, Kitchen Madonna, Book of Marvels.

Before bedtime Sophie and I snuggled together for a bit reading poems out of All Through the Night.

Bedtime: House of Many Ways.


Thursday April 26

Anthony: math, copywork, Child’s History

Ben: math, copywork, Explode the Code.

Sophie: math, copywork, French,

Isabella: math, copywork

Alfred the Great, St Magnus, St John Masias, Book of Marvels, Kitchen Madonna

Bedtime: Houe of Many Ways.

Friday April 27

Dom and I spent the day at the hospital while he had some tests performed and the kids spent the day with Grandma B. I think they did some math and copywork.

Saturday April 27

I did a snap circuits lesson with Anthony.


Skunk at dinner time.


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