Learning Notes Week of January 1

Learning Notes Week of January 1

Snow at sunset.

Monday January 1

No school, of course.

We watched Tangled and had popcorn and chips.

Perfect ice form.
Bella with Kindle.

Tuesday January 2

Finally back to school work after almost a month-long break. It did not sparkle, there were tears, and not everything got done. But we made a start and will keep on keeping on.

Bella did Khan Academy math and also a history quiz. She did copywork. I put up a Latin lesson to review, but we never got there. She’s been reading L. M. Montgomery’s short stories, mainly. The other day she did try to read some of the history selections I loaded on her kindle.

Sophie did most of a page of math and then couldn’t decide on copywork. She’s still feeling a bit under the weather, we decided to try again tomorrow.

Ben did a page of math and part of a page in Explode the Code. Today was a tough day. Will try to get more done tomorrow.

Anthony did part of a math page, read to me about St Basil, and then did copywork from a selection of his reading.

Lucy decided she wanted to do copywork, so I wrote her a sentence. She’s very excited that tomorrow is her birthday.

Afternoon stories: King of Ireland’s Son, Beowulf, Augustus Caesar’s World (about the temple of Herod the Great), North with the Spring.

All in all not a bad day back. Tomorrow will be rather interrupted by birthday celebrations, but we will try to get in a bit of school.

Bedtime story, first section of Kersti and St Nicholas by Hilda van Stockum.

Post-Christmas Lego heaven.

Wednesday January 3

Lucy’s birthday.

Ben did math and Explode the Code.

Sophie finished yesterday’s math.

Anthony did math.

Bella did math and copywork and Latin.

School was brief because of birthday festivities. And because we’re still feeling our way back to the groove.
Afternoon stories: Beowulf, King of Ireland’s Son, North with the Spring, Catholic Tales.

Bedtime: Kersti and St Nicholas, Crow Call (one of Lucy’s new books).

Lucy with copywork
Lucy copywork.
Birthday presents.
Candles all aglow.

Thursday January 4

Blizzard day.

Ben did math and Explode the Code and then went out to play in the snow.

Sophie did math and copywork and went to join him.

Anthony did math, read about St Elizabeth Seton, and copywork.

Bella did math and copywork.

Afternoon stories: Beowulf, King of Ireland’s Son, Story of the World, Augustus Caesar’s World.

Bedtime: Kersti and St Nicholas, Cinderella (one of Lucy’s new books).

Friday January 5

Bella: math, copywork

(she’s reading L.M. Montgomery almost non-stop, also doing Khan Academy history lessons and quizzes, and poring over the Atlas of the World and discovering all sorts of quirky things.)

Sophie, math, copywork.

(She’s reading 2 Corinthians, Mitchells Five for Victory, book about King David, Out of the Silent Planet.)

Ben: math, Explode the Code

Anthony: math, copywork

Stories: Beowulf, King of Ireland’s Son, St Francis of the Seven Seas, Augustus Caesar’s World

Bedtime :Kersti and St Nicholas

Today we discussed the Protestant Reformation, the Six Days’ War, the Caucasus, the government of Japan at the time of St Francis Xavier’s missions, and Israel and developing understanding of monotheism and child sacrifice in the Old Testament.

Bella shovels off the patio.
Snow fort.


Our family tradition is to celebrate Epiphany with gifts. The kids get gifts from mom and dad and also from my parents. It’s almost as big a day as Christmas. This year, sadly, we didn’t go to Mass because the temperatures were extremely cold. -21 with the windchill. I know people live in places where those temperatures aren’t that unusual. And I expect people who live there also own cold weather gear that is appropriate for that extreme. We do not. We pondered deeply and asked ourselves what our pastor would most likely say if he were here and we opted to stay home. We read the Mass readings, discussed them, made a spiritual communion, and sang and hymn. And then tore into the presents.

Bella got a cunning wee doll tea set. And new rosary too.
Lucy was thrilled to have Legos of her very own.
Ben the knight.
Princess Sophie. She also got a new chain mail rosary, courtesy of Iron Lace Designs.
Princess Sophie reads a book.
Anthony loves his k’nex.
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