Learning Notes Week of September 11

Learning Notes Week of September 11

Sunday September 10

We saw a praying mantis, I introduced the kids to the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Pancakes on the patio
Anthony and Ben tell the story of the good shepherd
Anthony with the shepherd and sheepfold.
We find a mantis.
Lucy joins Anthony at the sheepfold.

Monday September 11

Sophie did a couple pages in Miquon, copywork, translated Amanda Cochon with me, and read to me from her Geography.

Anthony did a page in Miquon, read to me from Child’s History, and did copywork.

Ben did a page in Miquon, two pages in Explode the Code, read me a Bob book, did copywork.

Bella did a page in Miquon, Minimus Latin, spelling on an iPad app, also the orchestra app. She read a passage aloud from Romance of Reality volume on China and Japan, narrated a bit of another passage, read an article about Vindolandia, did her dictation.

Afternoon stories: Ella of All of a Kind Family, Augustus Caesar’s World, Golden Fleece, North with the Spring, Elizabeth of Hungary.

Bedtime story: Little Fir Tree by Hans Christian Andersen.

Games of chess and scrabble. CGS work, Good Shepherd— Anthony and Lucy.


Tuesday September 12

Anthony read to me from Child’s History, did copywork, and then a page of math.

Ben did two pages in his Miquon, a page in Explode the Code, read me a Bob book, and remembered his copywork right before dinner and sat down and did it. His reading is getting much better. He can read whole sentences with no prompting from me. It’s very slow and steady wins the race, but we are making real progress and he is so excited when he can actually read real words.

Sophie did a page of Miquon, some lines of copywork, recited her Je Vous Salut Marie with my prompting, and then read to me from Child’s Geography. We looked up the Rhine and Rhone in the atlas and I realized I’d like a second atlas with geographic features. In ours there are so many cities and towns and other names that it’s quite hard to trace rivers.

Bella did a lesson in Khan Academy, worked on vocabulary for Britannii et Gallii. Copied a passage from Lord of the Rings, wrote a short composition on parallel and perpendicular lines from a video she watched on Khan Academy. Also, she began writing a letter to Grandma.

Stories: Ella, Story of the World— we began Vol 2; Story of the Chosen People; Minn of the Mississippi.

Bedtime story: Gifts of the Heart by Patricia Polacco.

Anthony reading.
Bella working on the hall floor.

Wednesday September 13

Ben did math and Explode the Code.

Anthony did math, read to me, and did copywork in the afternoon when we got home.

Sophie did math.

Bella did math, Latin, copywork, composition, read from Treasure Island, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and

Went to Homschool Mass and picnic with the south shore group instead of the group that is north of us, who are having an opening Mass on Friday.

Mass was beautiful, especially the singing. A small group of about 8 or 9 families. These mothers sounded lovely singing with no accompaniment. And one woman sang a most beautiful Marian hymn after communion in a voice so clear and bright it brought tears to my eyes. .

Saw some good friends. Bella especially delighted in socializing with friends her own age, in playing baseball.

Frog in a net.

Thursday September 14

Rough night, late morning. Bella brought her school stuff in the car with her to the grocery store and did copywork, math, Latin, and read Journey to the Center of the Earth. I think.

Afternoon stories: Ella, St Elizabeth, Golden Fleece.

Bedtime story: Tale of Johnny Townmouse.

Bella is reading the book about the Cassini probe and Saturn.

Anthony makes himself a sarong.
Ben and Sophie dress up.
Anthony with the sign language dictionary.

Friday September 15

Ben: math and Explode the Code.

Anthony: math, read Stories of Great Americans, copywork.

Sophie: math and copywork.

Bella: math, copywork, Latin

Looked at pictures from Cassini probe.

Errands: library and shopping.

Afternoon stories: Ella, Golden Fleece, Elizabeth of Hungary, North with the Spring.

Bedtime story; Thank you Mr Falker by Patricia Polacco.

Lucy guards the door.
Games on the patio.
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