Learning Notes Week of August 14

Learning Notes Week of August 14


Anniversary brunch.
Anniversary brunch.
Anniversary brunch.
Anniversary brunch.
Anniversary brunch.

Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary, so we took the whole family out to brunch after Mass. For dinner I made moussaka and a yummy blueberry lemon cake.

Monday August 14

Bella did Latin, math (Khan Academy and multiplication flashcards), copywork, prepared dictation. Also read to me the first page of Book of Discovery. And narrated more of the Isaac Asimov book about novae and stars.

Sophie did math and copywork, another poem from the Barefoot Book. Also, we translated from Conte d’Amanda Cochon and she read to me from her geography.

Anthony did math. He read to me about St Maximilian Kolbe and did copywork in order to earn an iPad turn.

Ben did math and copywork and we read the second half of the Bob book he began on Friday. As I did last time, I prepared the reading lesson ahead of time, writing out all the letters in the book. He’s reading with much more fluency and stumbling less over letters. Definite progress.

Afternoon stories: lectionary readings, Hitty Her First Hundred Years, Story of the World, Golden Fleece, Minn of the Mississippi.

Bedtime story: The Empire Striketh Back (Shakespeare’s Star Wars).

Grandad arrived and everyone is very excited. We’ll see how school goes the rest of the week.

Studious Sophie.

Tuesday August 15— Feast of the Assumption

Went to Mass at 9. Took the day off from school. I made brunch and then baked muffins for Lucy and then made cookies for everyone else as a feast day treat. Somehow that seemed to take up most of the day. The boys helped my dad put together the gazebo he bought for us.

Bedtime story: The Empire Striketh Back.

Kids helping Grandad find all the parts.

Wednesday August 16

Grocery store

Read Hitty.

Kids too distracted by Grandad building gazebo

Bedtime story: The Empire Striketh Back

Boys helping Grandad.
Reading Sophie.
Bella with Kindle.

Thursday August 17

No math or table work. Helping grandad, playing outside. Took a walk with Bella and Lucy, and then with Ben. Kids saw hummingbirds, chickadees, flowers, etc.

Afternoon stories: Hitty, Story of the World, Golden Fleece, Roman Myths, story of St Hyacinth.

Bella drew a picture of St Hyacinth walking across the Dneiper with a statue of Mary and a ciborium while in full vestments.

Bedtime story: Night of the Moonjellies.

St Hyacinth by Bella.

Friday August 18

Ben did a page of math, and several pages in his letter book and also copied the alphabet for himself.

Anthony did a page of math, read to me from Stories of Great Americans about Francis Scott Key and the Star Spangled Banner and then copied a line of the song.

Sophie did some math, her copywork (prepared dictation passage), read from her Geography, and did some French with me.

Bella did some math, some copywork, some Latin. Spent a lot of time playing school with Lucy and Anthony. She also took Lucy on a walk. She’s re-reading Eagle of the Ninth because our history chapter yesterday reminded her of it.

Afternoon stories: Hitty, Story of the World, Roman Myths, Minn of the Mississippi.

Bedtime story: The Empire Striketh Back

Sophie is reading about St Margaret Mary Alocoque.

Lucy asks for a paper airplane.
Anthony with paper plane.
Reading Anthony.

Saturday August 19

We went to the farmer’s market and then to our favorite seaside seafood restaurant, Jake’s. We got there early before they were open for lunch so we walked across the street to the carousel and took a ride. Then we walked over to the beach and spent a few minutes scrambling on the rocks and collecting treasures.

Bella with her current favorite books, Exploding Suns by Isaac Asimov.
Lucy with flower headband.
Lucy on the carousel.
Anthony on carousel.
Sophie on carousel.
Ben on carousel.
Beach combing.
At Nantasket Beach.
At Nantasket Beach.
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