Learning Notes Week of June 26

[Catching up on my backlog of posts.]

Summer flowers.

On Sunday Dom taught the kids to play Parchesi and they’ve all decided it’s great fun. Sophie found a puzzle and has started trying to put it together.

Monday June 26

Sophie did a page of math and copywork and read to me from her geography. She’s still working on her self-appointed math project too. We talked a bit about rhyme scheme and I read her Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.

Bella did math and copywork and read to me from her diary novel about the depression. She also read Lepanto aloud at dinner. We read an article about crystal radios.

Anthony did math and copywork.

Ben did math and copywork and his letter book.

Afternoon stories, we read outside as the weather was gorgeous: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, Herodotus, Story of the World, St Philip Neri.

Bedtime story, Patricia Polacco story book.

Summer school and the living is easy.

Storytime outside with smoothies.

Reading outside.

Jedi geography

Tuesday June 27

Everyone was out of sorts this morning so I just skipped math and copywork and we went to the grocery store.

Afternoon stories, we read outside again as the weather was gorgeous again: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, Herodotus, St Philip Neri.

Bedtime story: Take It to the Queen.

Wednesday June 28

Sophie did more of her doubling math and copied a whole stanza of her poem. (And Anthony asked what a stanza is, so we discussed that.)

Bella did a page of math and some copywork.

Ben did math and copywork and letters.

Anthony did math and copywork.

Sophie read to me from her geography book.

We had a family meeting about attitudes, foot-dragging, and the general lack of things getting done expeditiously. Then we prayed a decade of the rosary.

Afternoon stories: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, Herodotus, St Philip Neri.

The boys and Lucy played with the oil pastels from someone’s art kit. I taught them how to blend and they had fun just playing with the colors. Anthony also drew a room in a house with the furnishings, Ben drew a house, and Lucy drew a plate and cup and knife that someone had left on the table.

Ben brought in a weed and asked me to identify it. I tried but couldn’t place it, especially as it wasn’t flowering. It’s nice to know he thinks I have the answers.
The kids have been seeing small bunnies in the yard and we’ve come to recognize one crow with a funny sounding caw. We saw downy woodpecker, to Bella’s delight.

Bedtime story: Madeleine Makes a book.

Mama, can you identify this weed?

Teddy bear math.

Fun math.

Thursday June 29

I bribed the kids with a trip to the playground if school work was done without foot dragging and complaining. That combined with yesterday’s parent-teacher-student meeting worked marvels.

Ben had done math and his letter book before I even got up. (The math needed a bit of correcting, but he’d done it.)

Anthony did math, copywork, and read me a Beatrix Potter book.

Bella read several pages of Minimus, did math and copywork and read the first chapter of Book of Discovery.

Sophie did a math page in her Miquon and worked on her doubling math project and did copywork. Later in the afternoon she read to me from her geography.

They all had a great time at the playground.

Afternoon stories: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, St Philip Neri. Also two library books: Wise Guy: The Life and Philosophy of Socrates and The First Marathon: The Legend of Pheidippides.

Bedtime story: finished Madeleine Makes a Book.

Playground fun.

Anthony reads Beatrix Potter.

Bella reads Minimus Latin.

Math with linking cubes.

Friday June 30

Ben did his math, copywork, letter workbook. And asked to review his letter flashcards.

Anthony did math and read me part of Mrs Tittlemouse, but balked at actually doing his copywork.

Sophie is still working on doubling her numbers. She did a page in the math book, too, though. We’re working on multiplication/division/fractions and she’s having a hard time with fractions. She is copying more these days, a whole stanza at a time. But no French or reading aloud.

Bella spent some time with Minimus, did a page of math, and some copywork. She narrated from the Dear America diary she’s been reading. She also helped Anthony with his math.

Kids watched a tree being cut down.

Afternoon stories: All of a Kind Family Uptown, Golden Fleece, St Philip Neri, Story of the World. Ben gave a good narration of SotW, the story of Caesar and Cleopatra. He forgot the name of Pompey, but included some good detail. And it was several sentences long. By far the most he’s ever done. I was quite proud. Of course, Anthony felt a need to correct what was omitted.

We also read the story of Blessed Peter Kibe, a Japanese Jesuit and martyr who, when repeatedly was denied ordination, walked from Goa in India to Jerusalem and then to Rome. He then went back to Japan, by a very complicated route, where he served nine years before being killed.

Bedtime story: The Salamander Room, one of my absolute favorites.

Bella reads a Pooh story to Lucy.

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