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Two Kinds of Wonder

“Wonder or radical amazement is the chief characteristic of the religious man’s attitude toward history and nature. One attitude is alien to his spirit: taking things for granted, regarding events as a natural course of things. To find an approximate cause of a phenomenon is no answer to his ultimate wonder. He knows that there […]

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Thoughts on Confession and Communion

A friend asks: “What is distinctive about the grace we receive in confession? How is it different from the grace we receive in communion? Communion forgives venial sin too, right? So how is confession different? How is the grace I get by going to confession not just a duplicate of the grace I already received […]

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Reading Notes
 May 2017

When I see that I only finished one book in May, I feel a bit disappointed. But it certainly was not for lack of time spent reading. Nor have I failed to make significant progress in any of my books. I’m actually quite pleased with how much I’ve read of John Adams, and with how […]

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