Learning Notes week of Dec 5

Learning Notes week of Dec 5

Kylo Ren (aka Sophie) does math.

Monday December 5

Woke up to a dusting of snow on the ground.

Ben did letters, math, copywork.

Anthony did math, read to me about St Anthony of the desert, copied a short sentence I composed about St Anthony. He was most struck by the fact that St Anthony told the wild animals eating his crops to stop and they listened. Also that St Anthony lived to be 105. That led us to a discussion about very long-lived people, the oldest recorded living person (She was French and lived 122 years), the oldest current living person. And then we talked about the bizarre longevity of people in the time between Adam and Noah.

Sophie did three pages in her Miquon book, copied a whole stanza of her poem, read me a couple pages of geography.

Bella did some math, copied a sentence, read to me from Genesis 5, inspired by Anthony’s discussion about longevity.

I ran to the store to pick up something for dinner. The kids and I cleaned the house for our dinner guest.

Brief afternoon stories: Carry on Mr Bowditch, Night of the Hippos, St Anthony of Padua.

Bedtime stories: St Nicholas, the Aeneid.

Anthony and Sophie working.

Tuesday Dec 6

St Nicholas Day.

Sophie did several pages of Miquon, some problems in MEP, and copied a stanza.

Bella did Miquone math and copied part of a poem.

Ben did his letters book, a page in Miquon, and copied some words.

Anthony did a page in Miquon, read me the story of St Nicholas, and copied a sentence.

Afternoon stories: Carry on Mr Bowditch, Night of the Hippos, St Anthony of Padua, Story of the World, Blood and Guts.

Bedtime story: Kirstie and St Nicholas.

St Nicholas treats
Socks from St Nicholas.
Socks from St Nicholas.

Wednesday Dec 7

Errands, mostly consisting of delivering presents for a family we sponsored through My Brother’s Keeper. (We also went to the store to buy a couple of presents to fill in the gaps.)

Sophie cuts vegetables for dinner.

Thursday December 8

Feast of Immaculate Conception. We all went to the noon Mass and then out for lunch at Five Guys. Not much school work accomplished. It’s a feast day, after all.

Feast of Immaculate Conception.
Lunch at Five Guys.
Bella and Advent wreath

Friday December 9

Sick day. Too sick to go to the Advent retreat. We took the day off and watched Mary Poppins. Fortuitously Grandma B dropped off early Christmas presents early this morning: fleece blankets for all the kids. Perfect for snuggling in.

Sophie does school wrapped in her new blanket.
Sophie with new blanket.
Anthony with new blanket.
Lucy with new blanket.
Ben with new blanket.
Bella with new blanket.
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