Learning Notes Week of October 17

Learning Notes Week of October 17

Math is always better when you do it with a penguin.
Math is always better when you do it with a penguin.

Monday October 17

Began with sketching.
Girls: math, copywork, Latin (Bella), French (Sophie), Child’s Geography (Sophie), Bella read aloud today’s epistle and I read the Gospel

Boys: math

Afternoon stories: Missee Lee (final chapter), Hero Schliemann, John Paul II, Life of Our Lord for Children.

Bedtime story: Iliad

Tuesday October 18

Bella Miquon math, copywork (passage from Matthew), read several Bible passages to me, identified caterpillar she found on a dandelion stalk as Trichordestra legitima, Striped Garden Caterpillar Moth

Sophie: MEP math, followed by a long stint of weighing household objects in grams and kilograms with the kitchen scale, no copywork or French or geography. She was obstinate and I was too tired to argue with her.

Ben and Anthony: Miquon math

Stories: Began Great Northern? Read Egyptian Diary, Hero Schliemann, Story of the World

Bedtime: Iliad. (Lucy had Caps for Sale, which she’s currently obsessed with.)

Wednesday October 19

Did math with Ben and Anthony and then with Bella. Finally with Sophie. She was having a terrible time concentrating and then I gave her a small handful of jellybeans and told her she could have one after each set of problems and suddenly she was tackling it with a will and doing it well. A little motivation to focus the mind. And then she did her copywork and then her French and geography.

Bella did her copywork and read to me from The Saturdays, I think it was.

Anthony read me a Little Bear story, copied a sentence, and played a game of speed with me.
Afternoon stories: Great Northern, Egyptian Diary, The Hero Schliemann, John Paul II.

Bedtime: The Iliad.

Thursday October 20

Everyone did some Miquon math. Sophie did three pages in her new book. Ben and Anthony and Bella each did one page.

Bella did a line of copywork. Sophie copied in her copybook. Ben did a page in his new Explode the Code book and then copied two words on the white board.

We went to the grocery store.

Afternoon stories: Great Northern, Hero Schliemann, Egyptian Diary, Story of the World, John Paul II.

Bella is frustrated with Schliemann for looking for confirmation of his hypotheses instead of trying to disprove them. I think she got that understanding of the scientific method from either Microbe Hunters or Mystery of the Periodic Table.

Discussion of Clare Rossini Fra Angelico Crucifixion poem.

Bedtime: The Iliad

Friday October 21

Math, Miquon. Bella Sophie Ben Anthony

Ben did letter page and copywork, Bella is copying a verse from Matthew. Sophie is copying a poem. Anthony didn’t do copywork again.

Afternoon stories: Great Northern, Egyptian Diary, Life of Our Lord for Children.

Bella made Halloween decorations.

Conversation with Bella about museum of science and balancing resources and energy needs, about green energy. She’s really starting to pay attention and make connections between displays and activities at the museum and things outside.

Gregorian Chant Uptown Funk, Bella got the joke

Bella and I read Casabianca poem, original and Bishop version

Bedtime: The Iliad.

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