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To Get Down to a Child’s Height

Caryll Houselander on the Power of Children “Christ’s insistence on the power of children is very striking. Almost more than anything else in the Gospel it proves that in God’s eyes being something comes before doing something. He sets a little child among his apostles as an example of what He loves. He says that […]

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Learning Notes Week of October 17

Monday October 17 Began with sketching. Girls: math, copywork, Latin (Bella), French (Sophie), Child’s Geography (Sophie), Bella read aloud today’s epistle and I read the Gospel Boys: math Afternoon stories: Missee Lee (final chapter), Hero Schliemann, John Paul II, Life of Our Lord for Children. Bedtime story: Iliad Tuesday October 18 Bella Miquon math, copywork […]

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Is Hamilton another Hamlet?

Even though I already wrote a long post about Hamilton as an American tragedy, it seems I still have thoughts about about the musical that need teasing out in writing. Thoughts about comparing Lin Manuel Miranda to Shakespeare and thoughts about the kind of mythologizing Miranda is doing and about Miranda as a bridge builder. […]

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