Learning Notes Week of March 7

Fancy-dress Lucy fussing.

Fancy-dress Lucy fussing.

Monday March 7

Bella did Latin, math, copywork.

Sophie did math and tried to do French and got stuck. No copywork.

Stories: Pigeon Post, Catechism, Faith and Life, My Path to Heaven— some really good conversations about the Catechism, Faith and Life and My Path. Spiderweb for Two, Lord of the Rings.

Doing math.

Doing math.

Tuesday March 8

Much better day. Bella did Latin, math, copywork and spent some time reviewing parts of speech in The Dangerous Book for Boys. I am amused that this is now her go-to grammar text. It’s fascinating to me how she’s now decided to study Latin and does a lesson in the Little Latin Reader every day as the first thing before she does math. She’s settling into a rhythm, even if she does get distracted and run outside before doing copywork. Bella got frustrated with math but realized she’d skipped several pages. A lesson on perfect squares and she’d missed all the introductory lessons. Oops.

Sophie did math and copywork and then was done. But the math was a lot smoother. Especially once we pulled out the Cuisinaire rods for her to see a problem she was stuck on.

Boys and I did part of a math lesson. Kids spent a lot of time outside in the yard barefoot. Digging holes, collecting sticks for a bonfire, finding earthworms, looking at crocus buds, riding bikes, climbing, whacking each other over the head, building with the boards from the old playhouse.

Afternoon stories: Pigeon Post, Catechism with a long discussion about Holy Orders, Spiderweb for Two, Story of the World about Persia and oil and the British involvement in Persia, Lord of the Rings.

Then more outside time.

Good discussion of Jesus of Nazareth at dinner with discussion of the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, which Bella narrated very well to Sophie. It’s so very meaty.

Also at dinner we discussed our catechism lesson, Anthony explaining Holy Orders very well. And the children recited the seven sacraments.

Bella reading.

Bella reading.

Wednesday March 9

Grocery store day. Bella and Sophie both did math before we left. Sophie did copywork too.

Afternoon stories: Pigeon Post, Catechism, Faith and Life, Spiderweb for Two, Lord of the Rings. The weather was so nice—70 degrees— that we read outside.

Bedtime story: Calvin and Hobbes

Sophie’s been reading her way through the Rumer Godden doll stories book that she got for her birthday.

Thursday March 10

Read story of the 40 martyrs of Sebaste, a company of Roman soldiers who died rather than forsake Christ and the one guy who gave up but his place was taken by one of the watching guards.

Kids went out to play before school.

But came in and Bella did Latin, math, and copywork and a spelling quiz. Sophie did math and copywork.

I did a math lesson with the boys. Ben wrote some Vs and we discussed words that begin with V and even looked some up in the dictionary, which was fun. Anthony wrote three sentences on the white board. Very neatly, I was amazed.

Then more outside time and we listened to Act 1 of Hamilton over lunch.

Afternoon stories: Pigeon Post, Catechism, Faith and Life (both working through the 10 commandments), Spiderweb for Two, Story Book of Science (about wool, which wasn’t really new to anyone, but a decent overview), Lord of the Rings. My Path to Heaven. Also we read the story of the Tar Baby, which was mentioned in Spiderweb.

We had a good discussion about prayer.

Dinnertime lectio divina, discussion about washing of feet. Then more about the wise and foolish virgins. I read the story from Matt 25 to Anthony at his request.

Bedtime story: Toys Meet Snow and Molly Pitcher.

Anthony copying.

Anthony copying.

Anthony's copywork.

Anthony’s copywork.

Friday March 11

Sophie did math and copywork. Bella did math. We had friends coming over and when they arrived work stopped. But the girls’ room did get tidied and vacuumed.

Afternoon stories. Pigeon Post, Catechism, final chapter of Spiderweb for Two, Lord of the Rings.

Bedtime story: The Dragon of Og, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, something about Lucy and the sea monster.

Saturday March 12

We took a family nature hike at Moose Hill. We heard spring peepers and saw frog spawn. Saw maple trees being tapped. It was a beautiful day.

Frog spawn at Moose Hill.

Frog spawn at Moose Hill.

Hiking at Moose Hill.

Hiking at Moose Hill.

At Moose Hill.

At Moose Hill.

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