Learning Notes Week of November 1

Learning Notes Week of November 1

Lemurs are a favorite because we love Madagascar.
Lemurs are a favorite at the Museum of Natural History.

Monday November 2

Everyone did math. Sophie wrote a little story in lieu of copywork. A story about her ninja characters, Asheesh and Tom. And then did a little math from Saxon, geoboards and numbers that add up to 10.

Bella did a page in Miquon, more fractions.

I did a wee little bit of math with Ben and Anthony. Some addition and subtraction. Balancing equations with a balance lost the point pretty quickly because they just wanted to play with the balance. Note: I really need a new balance that’s actually well calibrated. The plastic one that came in the Saxon box is the one disappointment. It’s really not very good at all.

Bella read me several pages from A Little Maid of Ticonderoga. She was spotted reading Road from Roxbury today, too. And the book about explorers that Amy Welborn recommended whose name I can’t remember.

We made a visit to the town cemetery for All Souls. We’ve never been before and it was kind of fun to explore the historic section. We learned how to identify the grave of a veteran and at first we were seeing WWI and WWII and Korea and Vietnam. Then we got to the really old section and saw an 1812 and then a 1775! So much history. We talked about burial customs and looked at the dates and names and the things people leave as memorials. Bella and I used to haunt cemeteries a lot but the younger ones haven’t and it was all very new to them. We said some prayers, cleaned leaves off of some stones, and learned a bit more about our local history. A good day all told.

Afternoon stories: Winter Holiday, two chapters to get through the fuss with Uncle Jim’s return. St Junipero Serra. Story of the World, history of the Italian Risorgimento with some looking at maps and talking about the kids Sicilian ancestors for good measure. Then Lord of the Rings, a conspiracy unmasked.

Bedtime story: Best Friend for Frances.

Tuesday November 3

Field trip to the Harvard Museum of Natural History

Wednesday November 4

Recovery day.

Sophie did a page of Saxon math, wrote a little more of her ninja story, and practiced some cursive. I did two pages of Miquon Math with Bella. I didn’t even try to do anything with the boys. I was too wiped.

Afternoon stories: Winter Holiday: the Ds set out for the North Pole and get caught in a blizzard. Story of the World: Taiping Rebellion. Fellowship of the Rings: wandering in the Old Forest, Old Man Willow, Tom Bombadil.

Bedtime story: The Talking Eggs.

Thursday November 5

Sick day. That is, I was sick and didn’t make anyone do anything. I spent the day in bed and the kids played. I did read them a couple chapters of Winter Holiday, though.

Friday November 6

Errand day. Bella to the orthodontist, then a stop at the library. Then all the kids to the grocery store. Sophie did do some math and copywork while Bella and I were gone. We finished Winter Holiday.

Bella is reading a novel about St Anthony. Also This Country of Ours. She read more than 100 pages of a biography of Queen Victoria before she decided it had gotten boring. And I think she was reading a bit of a book about the Civil War.

Sophie read to Anthony and Ben. Most of a graphic novel type book called Primates about Jane Goodall and Diane Fossey and oh who’s the third? Anthony is currently obsessed with gorillas and apes, so I’m feeding the obsession.

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