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Reading Notes March

Halfway through April and I’m finally getting to write up some thoughts on March’s reading. In this post I’ve only included books I’ve finished. There were quite a few other books that I picked up and put down and made no headway on. I have nothing to say about them at this time, so I’m […]

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Hokusai at the MFA

Last Wednesday we went to the members only preview of the Hokusai exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts. Everyone enjoyed it even if Ben did say we were there too long. Poor Ben does enjoy the art, but his attention span is much shorter than ours and he doesn’t want to stop and ponder […]

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Literature, Courtship and Marriage

Recently I discovered this blog, Love Among the Ruins, dedicated to publishing students’ essays about the intersection of Theology of the Body and culture: The Theology of the Body, at its deepest point, is intended to provide a fundamental framework for thinking about and interpreting all of reality. The task of your paper is to […]

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