Guilt Free Learning Notes Linkup 4

Guilt Free Learning Notes Linkup 4

2014-09-17 14.32.34

Ho hum. Another Saturday afternoon brings with it the realization that I’ve forgotten to create a linkup post yet again. How many weeks do you think I’ll have to do this until I remember before Saturday?

The title for this linkup is driving me a little mad, it’s not cute and clever like 7 Quick Takes. Some people have taken to abbreviating GFLN, which is fine by me. But not cute and clever. Oh well. I guess I’m probably stuck with it now since if I change it will just seem confusing.

Anyway, you know the deal by now. Leave a link with the linky thing and link to your specific blog post, not to your blog, so that people can find the post later when you’ve got something new at the top of the page. And please do leave a link to this post on yours, so that people can follow along and join in.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  • I never got past writing about Monday, in any detail … ๐Ÿ™‚ … I like the title of the link up Melanie, no worries! Guilt free, i really did think about that in terms of linking to a post about a single day, “oh well, Melanie *says* it’s supposed to be guilt-free” ….

  • If you think of something you love, you should change the name and not feel guilty! Or not. You definitely shouldn’t feel guilty about anything related to this link-up.

    Btw, I think it’s the logo that makes 7 Quick Takes so cute, so maybe you just need to brand it. Or not. No pressure!

    • Ooooh a logo! Brilliant! Dom did such a nice one for my Creed series. (Which we shall never mention again since my inability to finish that hangs in my hall of shame along with my perpetually unfinished WasteLand series.)

      Hmmm. What would a logo for homeschooling guilt-free notes look like? How do you capture learning in an image so as to make it clearly learning and yet also clearly unschoolish? The pile of schoolbooks on the table with the children seen through a window outside playing on the swings? Clearly this is going to take much thought. Entropy, you are a genius.

  • For some reason, it won’t let me enter my link without an image, so I grabbed something random off our computer. I hope people won’t be disappointed that I’m not really writing about Captain America in a Hello Kitty suit.