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I Heard a Fly Buzz: Learning Notes

Today was a very unschoolish day! Bella did her Life of Fred math which involved us all breaking up sticks of spaghetti and eating them raw. Sophie filled in her Saxon calendar and then we played War in lieu of a lesson. Anthony and Lucy played with the Cuisinaire rods and then Sophie sorted buttons […]

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Learning Notes

Monday Knowing this was going to be a week of appointments, I got on the school wagon early on Monday. Well sort of early. Math, reading, handwriting. Read alouds: Francie on the Run. Because we had to dive into the new book. Tuesday Pediatrician first thing. Physicals for Bella and Sophie. Then came home and […]

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Bella’s Birthday

Yesterday my firstborn child turned 8. My heart is so full. I want to write volumes about my beloved daughter. But our day was very full and in the end I went to bed without even trying to start writing about it. (I don’t know why I didn’t write anything beforehand except that all last […]

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Wearing the Cape: the Sequels

(Well, I started writing this last Friday but never got around to posting it, so all the time references to last week actually are about the week before last.) Last week I got the nasty stomach bug of doom that Ben had. I woke up on Wednesday with a low-grade fever and a stabbing feeling […]

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What Exactly Is “Privilege”?

“Check Your Privilege” I suppose you may have already seen this piece by Tal Fortgang, a Princeton undergraduate: Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege. It is rather clumsy and reads like something written by a well-read but not well-practiced undergraduate. He makes some good points, misses many more, and at times seems […]

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The Language of Icons

I may or may not have shared this before, but this piece by Priest’s Wife reminded me about three articles I stumbled upon earlier this year from the Orthodox Arts Journal and as I can’t find my previous blog post, if there was one, I figured it never hurts to repost, and anyway I found […]

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