Happy Birthday, Lucia Rose!

Lucia Rose

Lucia Rose

Lucia turns one today. She was born at exactly 1300 on 1/3/2013.

I can hardly believe she’s been here a whole year. And yet holding my newborn niece, Bridget, yesterday, I was shocked at how tiny she was and at the realization that my little Lucy isn’t so little any more.

She is the sweetest little girl and we are all so very in love with her. I want to write a novel about how much I love her, record all the details of how amazing she is, but I don’t even know where to begin. So here are a few snapshots just from today.

This morning I glanced into the laundry room and saw Bella lying on the floor and Lucy perched on her leg, the two of them laughing together. The sweetest thing.

This evening I was changing Lucy’s diaper and she noticed I was wearing a hat (I was cold) she pointed to her own head and I pointed to my hat and said, “hat.” She replied, “at.” Then when I was done as usual she stood up on the changing table and started walking about. In the past few days she’s discovered the light switch which is just above the table. She’s managed to turn it off a couple of times, but hasn’t quite figured how it works. Still, she ahs figured out how to say, “switch.” Dom poked his head in and she giggled with him.

Dom got into a tickling/wrestling match with the boys and Lucy was in the thick of it, giggling and throwing herself on all of them. She got kicked and belted a few times and I had to pick her up to console her, but then when she’d calmed down she was right back in the fray. And Ben was grabbing her and hugging her and she was just so happy to be playing along.

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