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Please help

Katherine says she hasn’t been receiving email notifications when other people leave comments on my posts after she’s commented. Would you mind letting me know if you have been receiving email notifications. I just assumed they were going out because I was receiving them; I’d hate to find out I was wrong.

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St Nicholas Day

Four years ago we woke to wonder. Today we woke to rain and grey skies. And chaos. The usual kids bickering, yelling. Tonight I found bite marks on Anthony’s back. No one would fess up to having done it. Anthony, not thrilled at having to wait. Ben also doesn’t like waiting. While they were waiting, […]

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Thoughts on Advent

Sam Rocha writes about the home as a domestic church, whose rituals echo the mystagogy of the liturgy: If our home is a “domestic church,” then it should look, sound, and feel like a church, especially if we live with children. Why? Because churches are decorated and arranged for more than ornamental purposes. The pictures, […]

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