Jerusalem at the Museum of Science

Jerusalem at the Museum of Science

On Friday we went to the Museum of Science. Dom and Bella really wanted to see the new Global Kitchen exhibit. I really wanted to see the IMAX documentary on Jerusalem. Dom had seen the documentary for work (they did an episode of the radio show about it) and had me really really wanting to go and take Bella with me. Sophie agreed that it seemed like fun, so I let her come too. Dom kept the boys and Lucy occupied with lunch in the cafeteria while we went to the film. My hero.

So yeah, I took the girls to see their first movie in a theater. And what a movie it was! Jerusalem at the Omni Imax probably ensures that whatever their next movie is will be anticlimactic. It was dramatic.

The documentary is organized around three young women who live in the Old Town of Jerusalem, one is Christian, one Jewish, one Muslim. The film follows each of them through their experience of the city where she lives. But it also explores the history, the long history of why Jerusalem is so important to each of their faiths. It was very respectful in its treatment of faith. Very beautiful. I found myself in tears several times.

Bella was very into it, not knowing movie theater etiquette (I forgot to teach her ahead of time) she wanted to chatter throughout and at a few points grabbed my arm in excitement. Sophie was quieter, but no less excited. I’m not sure she caught as much as Bella, but it’s hard to tell what impression something makes.

After the film we ate lunch and then went off to explore more of the museum.

Space capsule mock up.

Bella the astronaut.

Sophie peers through a port hole.

Mama is oblivious to Ben’s smile. By the time Dom got my attention, Ben was already climbing out.

Looking through the wave pool at Sophie, Lucia, and me. We’re doing an activity about frequency, I think.

Ben is curious.

A diorama of the building of the pyramids at Giza.

Our Global Kitchen, the Museum’s new exhibit about food, culture, science, agriculture, preparation.

Watching a film about food.

The kids’ seats were shaped like fruits.

After the film.

Sophie poses.

This interactive table showed videos of a chef preparing four different meals: poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, tamales, grilled salmon and peaches, groundnut soup.

Bella and Ben watch tamales being prepared.

Which do you think will taste better lobster or grasshoppers?

Mapping where food comes from.

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