Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

On Facebook someone posted a link to an article that compared the most requested gifts on kids’ Santa wish lists from 1913 and 2013. With the exception of the Duplos that Anthony got, I think just about everything under our tree was or could have been on the 1913 list. I guess we like to have an old fashioned Christmas.

Every kid got some books and something to wear: Sophie, Ben, and Anthony had slippers; Bella had new gloves; Lucia had some sparkly tights.

Each kid had a toy or two: The boys each got a hula hoop and the big girls got jump ropes.

Bella got a fairy tale princess puzzle (not Disney) and a couple of Roman centurion figures (you should have heard the high pitched girlish squeals of “It’s a Roman! A Roman!”).

Ben got a pirate costume.

Anthony got a sword and shield and a bucket of Duplos.

Sophie got a princess doll.

Lucia got a little ball with rattles. And chocolates of course.

Mean Mama made everyone have breakfast before they could eat any chocolate or even open their presents. In fact the present opening had to wait for Baby Lucia to wake up. She had a nice long sleep in after her 5 am and 6 am nursing sessions. But Mama did let everyone have as much mixed nuts as they wanted while she made eggs and peanut butter tortillas for breakfast. (Note to Santa: mixed nuts in an open bowl are a very good idea indeed.)

A few scenes from Christmas morning:

Lucia ate her first piece of chocolate: Dove dark. It popped right into her mouth and I don’t think she even got more than a single drop of chocolate colored drool on her white onsie. Oh no, she ate it all.

Ben is wearing his new pirate costume. Sophie is wearing her princess dress, carrying her new princess doll, and has declared herself to be the pirate’s wife. I think they’ve confused piracy with trick or treating. They are going from house to house asking for treasure. Bella is negotiating a hard bargain for her treasure: she has to have it because she’s sick. Compassionate Sophie convinces Ben to walk away and leave Bella with her treasure, “Come on, let’s go to another house.”

Anthony repeats over and over and over: “Sophie won’t let me play with my hula hoop.” I’m not sure what that’s about. She tells him, “It’s yours, Anthony.”

Ben is freaking out because he doesn’t like the smell of the roasting lamb– to be specific, it’s probably the mustard in the marinade. He says he’s going to throw up. I tell him his only option is to put on his coat and go outside. He doesn’t want to go outside, he whines. Well, I make him because I can’t stand the whining any longer.

And now we’re off to potluck at my brother-in-law’s. Not sure if we’ll get to meet my new niece, Bridget Faustina, born on the 22nd. Rumor has it she might indeed make an appearance.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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  • Love your photos- especially the last one. So beautiful! My son, who was snuggled up in bed with me as I was reading your post, said “They’re such a nice family. Their Christmas is just like ours.”

    Christmas blessings, joy, peace to you all. Merry Christmas!