So Lucia was sick for five days. Five days of fever and crying. The last two days she had this awful hoarse little voice from all the screaming. I took her to the pediatrician and found out…. she had a virus.

And then I was too overwhelmed with recovering from holding her for five days nonstop.

And then… everyone else started to get sick. Since Friday Dom and I have been like the walking dead. All I want to do it curl up in bed all day with a book. But the kids won’t let that happen.

And today Mass didn’t happen. Of course. But I decided last night that the finger which just wouldn’t heal was probably infected and that’s why it still hurt too much to use it. So I went to urgent care this morning instead of church and got an antibiotic. And I had to wear one of those annoying masks because of the cough and sniffles, but then I found I couldn’t breathe with the mask on. Seriously I thought I was going to pass out. The waiting room was kind of warm anyway and the mask was making my glasses fog up so I couldn’t see and I wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Hello, I’m an asthmatic with congestion in my lungs, anything that hampers my breathing isn’t welcome at all.

So I’m sitting here and my finger is throbbing and so are my sinuses, even though I just used my Netti Pot half an hour ago. And my chest is tight and my glands are swollen and I just want to go to sleep.

I probably shouldn’t be blogging if all I can do is complain. But really I’ve read and I’ve read and I’ve read and now I just need to write something. Anything. And this is all I can think of.

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  • Lovely to hear from you, Melanie and wow, life can be such a struggle sometimes… Big (virtual) hug! When I’m good for nothing else I like to get outside and maybe just sit, and breathe in the air, look at the clouds in the sky, listen to the birds. If I’ve got the energy I bundle everyone off for a walk (could Lucia cope with being out in the stroller?). I just look at what’s in flower in people’s gardens, see what the leaves in the trees are up to…
    The other thing that helps when I’m read out is listening to music. I love spotify -unlimited free legal music. Current favourites are Laurence Fox, Mumford and Sons, Lorde, The Civil Wars, Aqualung, Regina Spektor then of course always Bach. Scrabble is also a private bliss. So soothing. I’m so introverted I prefer to play against the computer on the iPad. The children volunteer words from time to time which is nice.
    Prayers that you all feel better soon xx

  • I’m so sorry, Melanie. There are few things harder to cope with as a mother than having sick kids while being sick yourself. The fear of the kids getting sick has made me even more of a hermit than I would naturally be during the “cold and flu season”. I hope everyone has turned the corner now.

  • Oh, how awful! I wish that you could have a whole day lying down in bed with tea and books and naps. I hope the antibiotics kick in, and everyone feels a lot better. I wish you lived closer so I could take some of your big kids for the day. We need that teleporter.

  • Thanks everyone. Yesterday was rainy and nasty and I resorted to pizza for dinner. But I did manage to teach the kids to pray the rosary and I read Chesterton’s Lepanto to Bella. I’m still dealing with the head and chest cold. As an asthmatic these things always get nastier than they need to be. I’m hoping the antibiotics I’m already taking for the finger prevent the sinus infection and bronchitis that are usually inevitable.

    I have so many pictures I want to share and stories to tell. Oh well one of these days….