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Happy Halloween

I suggested the kids decorate paper bag to use for trick-or-treating. I was thinking happy Jack O’Lanterns. I was rather surprised to find the kids all getting into the fun of making the scariest pictures they could. Bella made a scary witch and ghost, so did Sophie. Ben asked me to draw him a witch […]

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Mr McFadden’s Halloween

Mr. McFadden’s Hallowe’En by Rumer Godden. This year seemed like the time to introduce Bella to this Halloween themed novel by one of my favorite writers. (The only writer I can think of who is equally adept writing for children as for adults– I love both her children’s books and her novels equally.) This is […]

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The Catholic New Media Conference

It’s Wednesday Sunday night and I still haven’t found time to write about our crazy, fun, busy weekend, which is now a whole week ago. C’est la vie. So last weekend Dom helped to host the Catholic New Media Conference in Boston. On Saturday I went to the conference with all five kids. I didn’t […]

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Uncivil War: The Island

I love dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction. Scott Peterson’s new novel/series/project whatever you want to call it, promises to be right up there with the best of them. So far it reminds me a bit of S.M. Stirling’s Change books. And I’m not just saying nice things because Scott is the husband of one of my […]

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Learning Notes

Family portrait outtakes. 1.Music Appreciation Listening to my Beethoven playlist as I was cooking dinner Thursday night. Ben came in and stood on the stool next to me. Ben: “This music gets soft and then loud. It must be Beethoven.” I’m just blown away and so very, very impressed.That boy is so much quieter than […]

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