Terrible, Horrible, No Good… Well, Ok Maybe It Wasn’t That Bad

Terrible, Horrible, No Good… Well, Ok Maybe It Wasn’t That Bad

Smiling Lucia. Just because.
Smiling Lucia. Just because. She takes my mind off it. Except when it’s her turn to be “it.”

So yeah. We’ve had a hard few days. Saturday night Anthony screamed most of the night. Dom ended up driving him around at 1 am till he fell asleep. Then he woke up when they got out of the car. Sunday morning we split Masses so Anthony didn’t have to go. I took the other four kids myself and they were all very well behaved. Sunday afternoon found us at the Minute Clinic. Sure, enough Anthony has an ear infection. And no sooner did we get him on antibiotics but he started having a runny nose and cough. And then all the other kids followed. That’s the first time we’ve had the ear infection before the cold.

So last night Lucy was crying until 2am or so. Poor baby. This morning she had a nasty runny nose, so I guess it’s the same cold the other kids have. At the time I thought it was maybe gas. Poor screaming baby. I suppose I should have known.

And maybe it was partly the exhaustion and sleep fug that led me to cut my pinkie finger this morning when I was trying to show Bella how to cut her plum. With the new knife. And it probably didn’t help that I was hurrying because I had a diaper waiting to be changed. Sigh. As soon as I glanced down I knew, but I tried to deny that it was as bad as it looked. Maybe it wasn’t really so bad. I grabbed a towel and wrapped the finger and called for Dom who was just getting out of the shower. He grabbed some gauze and was going to help bandage it. But he took one look and confirmed my first impression. We were going to the ER.

So he had to get dressed. We had to get all the kids dressed and the bag packed. I nursed Lucy one handed while keeping pressure on my pinkie– fortunately it was the left hand.

Luckily the ER wasn’t busy at all. It was a blessedly short wait before a doctor was pulling off the bandage and confirming: “You’re going to need stitches. Probably about six.” It was five. Fortunately I got several shots of lidocaine first. Oh blessed numbness.

After I was discharged we all had to go to Target to get diapers and toilet paper because those kinds of errands don’t wait. Then we stopped by Taco Bell for lunch and even though we got the kids stuff they liked, Sophie and Ben couldn’t deal with the idea of eating food from a place they’d never been before and screamed all the way home, poor sick children. But when we got home they ate their burrito and quesadillas as I knew they would.

It was a rocky afternoon after Dom went to work, but somehow we made it. I let the kids watch the Vermeer video I’d been saving up. And cooked eggs and potatoes for dinner.

Anyway, there went all my plans. For the week. Such seems to be the constant these days.

Anyway, here’s the Vermeer documentary. I’m going to go try to take a shower with a glove on. If I can get it on over the bandage. Sigh.

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  • So days are like that… so hard. And I once cut my hand (badly) pushing up an old sash window- such a nuisance. Hope you all get some good sleep tonight and recover quickly. Big hugs!

  • Oh Melanie I am praying for you! I remember those days and years well! Just lean heavily on God and you will make it through, one hour at a time. I hope the children are felling better very very soon! My Joshua had chronic ear infections when he was little but ear tubes helped put an end to them. (He also had night terrors and night temper tantrums for years and oh gosh, not sure how we survived. But we did, by the grace of God).

  • I hope you’re all feeling better by now.
    You may have already discovered this but I wanted to say that plastic kitchen cling-film wrap makes an excellent covering for bandaged areas when you’re in the shower; you can stick the edges down with bandage-tape if you need to. Or you can use a plastic bag on a hand or foot.
    Best wishes.