And all the angels singing

And all the angels singing

The other day the kids were painting while I nursed the baby. Of course when I finished I found they had made a terrible mess. I left the paint bin down on the table and they had taken out all the glitter glue and fingerpaints and water colors. It was really horrific. They hadn’t put the caps back on anything. One black sodden piece of paper was dripping black inky drips all over the floor and stained the table.


But while they were painting I overheard Sophie talking to herself: We should always think of God and say, “God, I’m making this painting for you.”
Sophie's picture of the tomb with angels

She told me that her painting is about Jesus rising from the dead and all the angels singing. The yellow is the tomb. All the glitters lumps are angels. The colored dots were originally apples and oranges but she decided they were saints.

+ + +

I was going to add more cute kids art. But I’m too tired. So maybe tomorrow I’ll have a little energy left after grocery shopping. We’ll see. Right now I’m still mourning all the unfinished drafts that may or may not have been lost when the old blog crashed. It was so much easier when I knew I could always pull one of those out and dust them off.

The subject is derivative. She’s taking off of Bella’s pictures of the tomb. At the same time, it is also very much her own work.

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