Well, that was unexpected

Well, that was unexpected


Here’s a picture of me and Lucy so this post doesn’t look too bare.


So my blog crashed. You might have missed it. I certainly did. I felt like someone had amputated a part of my brain.

We’ve been planning to migrate to Word Press for a while now, but have been waiting till Dom has time. It’s a big project. But, well, things happen. The old blog was on an old version of the software which the hosting company was no longer supporting. And when it crashed they weren’t able to help update it.

So now Dom’s working to recover my archives and move them over here to my new site. In the meantime here were are with a blank slate.

When Dom has a chance he’ll pretty up the design here. Right now he’s slapped something together quickly, a rough approximation to make it feel a little less like a new house. At least there’s something on the walls and something to sit on. Right?


I’ll be getting up to speed with the Word Press format and hopefully be back to regular posting very soon. Come on in, make yourself at home. Please excuse the mess while we get everything back in shipshape order.


Oh and if you subscribe via a feed reader, you’ll need to resubscribe. (Fellow bloggers, would you mind getting out the word and replacing any links in your blogrolls.)


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  • +JMJ+

    Very unexpected indeed! =( I’m sure you’ll be able to recover everything, though!

    A few nights ago, I had a scare of my own: while typing up a draft, I was told that I had signed out and needed to sign back in. My first thought: “Hackers!!!” I signed back in immediately, but when my Dashboard came up with all my blogs on it, Shredded Cheddar was MISSING! =O And I had two reactions: first, total horror at the thought that four years of my life had vanished into cyberspace; second, a morbid, even fatalistic resignation. But I kept reloading the page and finally Shredded Cheddar popped out again! Whew! Then, of course, I changed my password. =)

    But I can relate to what you were saying about an amputation. Our blogs are almost like a fifth limb, aren’t they? We don’t absolutely need them, but we miss them terribly when we’ve got used to them and suddenly must do without them.

  • One of my projects is to get blog-books printed of the entire archives of bearing blog, one volume per year. It’s kind of pricey so I’m spreading it out, buying one volume every now and then when Blog2Print offers a 15%-off coupon. Having a hard copy makes me feel that at least my musings won’t be lost completely even when the EMP comes and knocks us back to the pre-electricity age and we all have to get around on bicycles and horses. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Bearing, I might want to look into that. I’ve always flirted with the idea, but haven’t even looked to see how much it would cost. However this scare had me wishing I had. Dom does have the database archive, but conversion might be tricky. I might lose the comments, which would make me sad.

  • Welcome to WP! Once I climbed the learning curve, I fell in love with it. Sorry to hear about the abrupt trauma to your archives, though. That would scare the pants off me.

  • Melanie, I was worried! Oh I really hope Dom can get all of your archives. Gosh. Best of luck to you! So glad you’re still blogging though and that it wasn’t something else {{hugs}}

  • It’s probably not much comfort, but you inspired me to go download my blog today. (For the first time in, like, three years. I would have been very sad if all the wedding planning and pregnancy stuff got lost forever.) I should have Scott back up my files again, and then my blog will be in THREE places. No idea if Blogger’s download system saves comments, though.

  • Oh Melanie… I feel a bit bereft too! Although I like the design so far… as rushed as it may have been. Peace to you my friend ๐Ÿ™‚