Lazy Sunday

It was one of those perfect New England summer days and I didn’t want to miss it so I took my book and the baby and settled down on a blanket under the maple trees. I stayed out until it was time to make dinner and I felt so refreshed and rested.


I really didn’t spend the whole time looking at my phone. I left it inside but Sophie brought it out when the 3pm Divine Mercy alarm went off. Then I snapped a few photos of Lucy and sent them to my family.


I just love the way Lucy is cuddling up with me. She’s such a sweet baby.

Dom set up the tent to let it dry out and then sat down on a chair next to me and read his book.

Bella climbed to the top, did some flips, flitted back and forth, here and there. Set up a little napping spot next to me with her pillow and blankets and then failed to actually nap. Too much to see and do.

Sophie has the best smile! She lights up the room.


Ben became fixated on the idea of a hammock, I don’t know why. So we found a sheet and made him a hammock on the dome. My former-boyscout husband tied the knots.


For dinner Dom and I collaborated on the best pasta with meatballs. He made the meatballs and I made the sauce and oh it was gloriously good.

Some days are just like that. Almost perfect.

Anthony is not shown because he was napping when the camera came out.

All photos were taken with the new camera Dom got me for my birthday/our anniversary.

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