Anthony the Engineer

Anthony the Engineer

Anthony is turning into quite the builder. I’ve been very impressed with his block structures recently.

He says this is bunk beds. “This my bed. This Ben’s.” Now he got the idea of bunk beds from Sophie, who makes them obsessively, but the construction is really his own style, not at all a mere copy of what she makes.

The other night after prayers and bedtime stories I looked down to see what Anthony had been building by my feet while I was nursing Lucy. This was the structure he made all by himself.

My little boy is getting so big. I can have real conversations with him. He’s also been surprising me by reciting nursery rhymes. He said all of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep the other day. Didn’t miss a word. And this morning he wanted to go over colors with me, “This blue,” he said, pointing at a cup. “This yellow.” For red he said, “That’s scary.” Ben and Sophie have been playing a game where they call all red cars “scary car” and then go on to say anything red is “scary.” I taught him the word red and also orange, purple, and green.

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