Epic Blogging Challenge

Epic Blogging Challenge

Just for fun I’m linking up with Jen’s Epic Blogging Challenge, committing to doing seven posts in seven days. While that wouldn’t normally be a challenge, this week Dom is on vacation so I anticipate being a bit busy. Nevertheless, I have a bunch of blog posts I’ve been meaning to write and maybe this will encourage me to just do it.

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  • Yes, she has a ponytail. I got carried away yesterday before Mass and then this morning her hair was still sticking up so I had to put another elastic in.

  • Thanks for posting this!  My husband, too, had a rare week off of the submarine and we ventured to Boston yesterday “to see the dinosaurs” all because of your pictures.  smile  My girls loved the Museum and are already wanting to take a second trip back.  I think we’ll make it a point to see the Sea Scrolls, next time, since my husband really wants to see them (and I talked him into a membership.  Now, to put it to use!).

  • Alicia,

    I’m so glad you went. Do make sure you get to the Dead Sea Scrolls. It’s a great exhibit.