Please Pray with Me

Please Pray with Me

My dad had a stroke while swimming this morning…

My mom writes:

Good people saw and pulled him out, called 911 and then one came to the hospital to tell us exactly what happened, came and waited till Stephen [my brother] and i were there and told doctors the story. Randy [my dad] has regained motion and grip on right side, is able to articulate a word or two, is alert and patiently awaiting whatever needs to be done while in ICU for the day. He can, slowly, stick out his tongue very very well!! We will see what next couple of days bring, expecting rehab / speech therapy over time.

  Actually just videochatted with Theresa [my sister] and he said ‘love you’ quite clearly! Then went to nap after 2 minute call, exhausted.

Please pray for his swift recovery and that there are no further complications.

And join me in a prayer of thanksgiving for the kindness of strangers who pulled him out of the water so quickly and saved his life.


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  • Sounds like he’s making great progress.  To be out of ICU so quick is a good sign.  Scary how that could just happen while swimming.  I assume your father is fairly healthy since he swims every day.  Is he on any blood thinners like aspirin?  Well, thank God and my continued prayers for him.

  • Continued prayers for him and his full recovery!  For peace for your family and you, being far away.  For thanksgiving for those quick thinking and helpful folks!!

  • Melanie,

    I’m sorry for the shocking news, but glad to hear that your father seems to be doing much better.  Will pray for you, him, and your family(ies).

    How Providential that others noticed and helped him! And that he was able to give his consent and receive necessary treatment quickly!  Blessed be God.

    (Huh!  My ‘submit the word you see below’ is ‘hospital37’ !)

  • Praying, praying.  I’m so sorry to read this news only now.  We will be out of school soon – let me know if you need serious help.