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The Trouble with the Sixteenth Century

One of the books Dom brought back from last week’s Catholic Media Conference in Denver was The Church Under Attack: Five Hundred Years That Split the Church and Scattered the Flock by Diane Moczar. Honestly, the title didn’t grab me, not at all, but I added it to my pile because it did look like […]

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Quick Takes with Grandma

1. So last week Dom went to Denver for the Catholic Media Conference. He was giving a talk on new media and parishes… I think. And on a panel about blogging. While he was away my mom came out to be with me. I was actually a little surprised that she came since my dad […]

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A Few More Thoughts on the Humanities and the Classics

The Decline and Fall of the English Major A technical narrowness, the kind of specialization and theoretical emphasis you might find in a graduate course, has crept into the undergraduate curriculum. That narrowness sometimes reflects the tight focus of a professor’s research, but it can also reflect a persistent doubt about the humanistic enterprise. It […]

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Deeply Odd

I didn’t find Odd Apocalypse quite as unsatisfying as Julie D did, but I did feel that it… lacked… something that the first three Odd Thomas books had. Julie writes: I will read the next one simply to see if this ongoing murk ever clears up, but at this point feel it will be more […]

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