Picture Books: Anthony’s Pick

Picture Books: Anthony’s Pick

All Things Bright and Beautiful by Cecil Frances Alexander and illustrated by Bruce Whatley

This week Anthony has discovered this picture book and has been requesting it every day at naptime. “Sing,” he commands me.

This is an illustrated version of the hymn. It follows a girl as she goes about a day on the farm from putting on her boots in the morning, doing chores, feeding the animals, to singing with her family in the evening and ends with her in bed looking out the window at the night sky. Beautiful, beautiful pictures with lots of animals, sure to please the toddler set. Horses, birds, cats, dogs, ducks, etc.

If you get it, you’ll need to learn how to sing it. A video helps:



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  • Oh, my, does this list bring memories.

    Please do try Lois Lenski.  “Strawberry Girl” is the one that won the award, but many of her books provide terrific insight into the world of the 1930’s in America.  I have read “Cotton in My Sack” to my kids – more than once – to give a picture of life as a migrant worker.  And I loved her “Indian Captive” about Mary Jemison.

    James Daugherty’s “Daniel Boone” book matches anything by the D’Aulaires (and I love them!).

    “Invincible Louisa” goes right along with “Caddie Woodlawn.”

    “Roller Skates” is by the wife of Robert McCloskey, who wrote “Make Way for Ducklings.”

    And I also love Elizabeth Enright’s books.  “Thimble Summer” is not my favorite – I loved “The Saturdays” best.

    The thing is, most of these books are for grades 3-5, so you’re not quite there with your children.  You will enjoy so many of them!

  • +JMJ+

    The really fun part is getting to compare lists with others. You and I have a few books in common, Melanie, but I haven’t read any of the authors Scotch Meg mentions in her comment!

  • scotch meg,

    Thanks for all the recommendations.


    I wasn’t very surprised that we had so much overlap. Maybe you should start a new blog read along series for Newbery winners? I’d love an excuse to work my way through the list. Reading with you is always fun.

  • +JMJ+

    Thanks for the encouragement, Melanie! =) Did you notice, back in the Darwins’ combox, that I was trying to nudge Mrs. Darwin in the direction of The Westing Game so that I’d have company, too? wink

    I would love to do some more “reading in community,” but I’m swamped at the moment and will be until the end of June. That is, I’ll be happy to read whatever you suggest and to discuss it with you, but I won’t be able to host a readalong on my own blog for a while yet.

    Maybe something for Reading for Believers?

  • Enbrethiliel,

    You’re on.

    I’m pretty backlogged myself. But I’d love to pick up The Westing Game at the end of June. I had planned to start reading Les Miserables, but I never remember to pick it up and I keep finding other books throwing themselves at me urgently. Plus I’m finding being a part of a real-life book club (with scotch meg!) is getting in the way of things. I love it, but most of the books are not lightweights and reading with a deadline does up the pressure a bit. But the nice thing about juvenile fiction is it’s always a quick read.