Easter Not So Quick Takes

Easter Not So Quick Takes

2013-03-31 09.42.23

I wrote this Friday but it took a couple of days to get around to uploading the photos finally.

Already Friday!?! What happened to the week? I guess I must be still catching up from Easter’s sleep deficit.

So Saturday we went to the Vigil See Dom’s hilarious account of what went down.)

2013-03-31 09.42.27

Sunday I slept in big time. The kids had already eaten half their candy by the time I dragged myself out of bed. I ate some breakfast and then Dom distracted them with a video in the office while I went out to hide the eggs. Sunday afternoon we went to my brother-in-law’s house for a big family potluck. The food was amazing and the company was good. At one point half the crowd was in the living room talking football and the other half was in the dining room talking about the Irish mob. Good times. We all had too much sugar and got overstimulated but that’s what holidays are for.

2013-03-31 09.42.40

Monday we had to take Anthony to the pediatrician. Yep. He had an ear infection. We also had to say goodbye to Auntie Tree and dispatch her back to Texas.

2013-03-31 09.44.41

Tuesday? What did we do Tuesday? We did school? Oh yeah. And cleaned the house. It was a disaster after Easter weekend. I can either make holiday food and do holiday traditions or I can keep the house tidy. Not both.

2013-03-31 09.45.31

Wednesday we went to Target for diapers. And I got coffee from Starbucks. And then the coffee gave me a stomach ache so I ordered pizza for dinner.

2013-03-31 09.45.37

Thursday I was going to do school(i.e. math and reading)  since we didn’t do any on Wednesday. But I was in sleep deprivation haze. And the weather was glorious so the kids spent most of the day outside. But at least they got down the States map puzzle so hey that’s geography.

2013-03-31 09.46.51

Today is Friday and we did the grocery shopping. Hey that’s educational, right? Life skills. Well I got a bunch of compliments on how well everyone was behaving and how helpful they were being—- they really were. So they earned their free cookies from the nice ladies at the bakery. I’ve got my book club meeting tonight and I’m less than halfway through the book but I guess I’ll go anyway.

2013-03-31 09.46.56

Saturday we went to Ikea to get Ben a new bed. Our hope is tha replacing his cute toddler bed with a futon mattress on the floor like Anthony has will improve our sleep problems. Even if it doesn’t work to help him stay in his bed at night, it will at least give Dom an option for a mattress to sleep on if Ben boots him out of our bed again, as he’s done every night this week. Dom’s back is killing him from sleeping on the couch.

2013-03-31 09.48.55

Sunday we went to Mass, stayed for the pancake breakfast served by the boy scout and cub scouts and sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Then home for a leisurely afternoon of reading books and hanging out.

Now Easter week is over but we’re still going to keep celebrating the resurrection.

2013-03-31 09.49.06

Happy Easter, Everyone!

2013-03-31 09.49.55

As usual I can’t pick which pictures to post. They all seem too cute to me.

2013-03-31 09.50.02

2013-03-31 09.50.11

2013-03-31 09.51.48

2013-03-31 09.52.03

2013-03-31 09.54.04

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