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Pope Francis links

A Cardinal’s Eye View of the Conclave First, Boston’s own Cardinal Sean talks about the conclave on his blog. Don’t miss the embeded video where he shows off his keepsakes and shares some wonderful details about his experience. Actually, I’ll just post the video here, why don’t I.   Cardinal Seán discusses some of the […]

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Lucia, No Longer a Pagan Baby

I’m sitting here sniffing Lucia’s head. Can’t get enough of that sweet smell of holy chrism. Trying to decide which pictures to post. You know it’s hard not to include them all, but I don’t want to overwhelm you. It was awesome. Of course it was. I was also very distracted, though, so perhaps not […]

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A New Look as St Francis

At the beginning of the month I finished this new biography of St Francis of Assisi. I’ve been meaning to write down a few thoughts about it, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. But now that our new pope has taken the name Francis, suddenly it has acquired a new urgency. In […]

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A Brief Reflection on Pope Francis’ homily from today’s Mass in the Sistine Chapel

I couldn’t help but notice that the word “cammino”, journey or pilgrimage, featured prominently in both Pope Francis’ homily today (full text of the homily here) and in his remarks on the balcony yesterday in his first appearance as pope. It’s kind of obscured by the translations but was very distinctive as I listened to […]

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Habemus Papam! Pope Francis!!!!

Well, today was just a little crazy, wasn’t it? I really didn’t expect to have a new pope this soon. And what a pope…. already so many new precedents: the first pope from the new world, the first pope from the Southern hemisphere. The first Jesuit pope. The first pope named Francis. By all accounts […]

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All about Bella

This morning before I’d even sat down to eat my bowl of oatmeal Bella was out exploring in the backyard. It was warm enough that she was wearing no coat, just a short polka dot skirt and her big rainboots, skinny legs in between making her look so very thin and gangly and coltish. She […]

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Quick Takes—Rather Late

I didn’t get my quick takes post done by Friday. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. But by golly I’m not going to wait till this coming Friday to post them. So here’s a bunch of random stuff that’s been going on in the last couple of weeks. One Ben taking an afternoon nap on the couch […]

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THROUGH HIM ALL THINGS WERE MADE: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith

CREDO: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith   THROUGH HIM ALL THINGS WERE MADE by ERIKA AHERN This is the last, glorious line in the Nicene Creed before we turn to the mystery of the Incarnation and our own salvation history. We are still proclaiming the revelation of Christ, the Logos, second person […]

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