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Cardinal Sean at the Chrism Mass

Taking a break from Pope Francis blogging (though I’m loving his Chrism Mass homily too and hope to share some excerpts from it later) to share some words from my local bishop. Here are a few excerpts from Cardinal Sean’s homily from Tuesday’s Chrism Mass (If you click through you can listen as well as […]

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Winter’s Prison Is Over

I was changing Lucia’s diaper when I heard Bella exulting about the beautiful weather and getting to wear new spring clothes, “Winter’s prison is over. Spring’s freedom is here.” “Wow, Bella,” I called, “That was beautiful. Did you read it in a book somewhere? It sounds like poetry.” I was pretty sure she hadn’t read […]

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A Few Thoughts in Holy Week

I didn’t really do Lent for the kids this year and have been feeling guilty about it this week when I suddenly realized that Lent had hardly registered for them. Why didn’t I do more? Then I realized that Ash Wednesday fell in the period when I was still in recovery. Of course I didn’t […]

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Evangelizing the Spiritually Impoverished: Missionaries of the Digital Continent

This discussion of spiritual poverty at Bearing blog was a part of the inspiration for this post. Bearing starts with Pope Francis’s Address to diplomats: But there is another form of poverty! It is the spiritual poverty of our time, which afflicts the so-called richer countries particularly seriously. It is what my much-loved predecessor, Benedict […]

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HE CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith

CREDO: Professing the Creed for the Year of Faith   HE CAME DOWN FROM HEAVEN by Melanie Bettinelli First about the physical metaphor: “down”. This is the kind of thing that can tie me in knots when I’m feeling particularly literal minded. Of course heaven isn’t really up in the clouds. But nonetheless “down” conveys […]

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More Pope Francis Goodness

Fraternal embrace between Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew See the Pope’s remarks to a gathering of religious leaders in which he refers to the Patriarch as “my Brother Andrew”. Oh so beautiful to see Peter and Andrew embracing! Shivers. This just makes me happy:   Dominican sisters, joy. Tell me you didn’t tear up. […]

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