Mostly Pictures, Some Videos

Mostly Pictures, Some Videos

My ability to write seems to have dried up. I just can’t find the mental space for it somehow. Perhaps it’s that trying to figure out a new routine is taking up all my resources. I’m finding time to read, but writing, not so much. Which is sad, but what can you do. I’ll just keep posting pictures here until one day something will demand to be written and when it does, I’ll write it. I don’t believe in trying to force things, writing just for the sake of words filling up pages, meeting some kind of goal for a supposed audience. It seems like there should be much to say but when the kids are finally in bed and I’m sitting at this keyboard I want to watch a show or read some blogs and articles, catch up on a bit of what I missed on Facebook during the day. Writing, well the blank pages just sort of wipes away everything I might have thought about saying. Suddenly I have nothing to say. So here are some photos I’ve taken recently, a few short videos.

Anthony shares the Richard Scarry book he got for his birthday. With his famous, all-purpose monosyllabic response, “Yeah.”

Lucia,Sophie, and Anthony. Cuddle time in mommy’s bed.

Ben plows the snow with his construction truck while the sun sets dramatically behind the lacy black trees.

Anthony watches his big brother playing in the snow.

I found a cutout of my favorite UD English professor, Dr. Louise Cowan, inside the girls’ homemade dollhouse. They must have cut her out of an alumni magazine to use as a paper doll. I cracked up because it reminded me of an undergrad prank some students pulled one year when they stole her portrait and took it on spring break, snapping photos at scenic locations.

Lucia listens to Bella while Ben reads Richard Scarry.

Ben pauses to give her a kiss.


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  • +JMJ+

    Your kids are so good at make believe! I’m trying to remember what I pretended mud was when I was their age . . .

    By the way, it will be great when Bella starts writing stories to go with those titles. =D

  • I’m curious, what catechism are you using?  I need to do something with David, but I’m not quite sure where to start.

    His CCE program is so useless I feel like screaming.  They could watch veggie tales for the whole hour and fifteen minutes and come out better catechized.  I’d be even more frustrated if I was paying the $70 for it.

  • I love the Firefly onesie.

    While I was playing the videos Nat swarmed onto my lap, wanted to know about your children, was surprised that they speak our language (I think maybe Geoff’s been watching a lot of karate videos recently?), declared that you all live in Toronto because of the common language, and asked when we’re going to get together so he can meet your kids.

    It was sweet.

    I’d toss my kids outside to play but it’s -10 right now and our yard is a mess of rough ice. I envy your mud, and I wish for spring. A friend of mine sent me a link for using plastic bottles as mini greenhouses for starting seedlings outside even in this idiotic frozen pre-Spring, and I’m hoping to try it in the next week.

    Anthony sounds even more destructive than Thomas. I’m impressed. We should never ever get them together.

  • Kyra, I thought you’d like the onesie.

    I was just planning my response to Nat, that it’s too bad we don’t live close enough to get together when I got to your last sentence about Thoma. I still think it would be great if we could meet in person though.

    Can you send me the link about plastic bottles and seedlings. That sounds like the kind of fun project I’d think about doing and rarely get around to, but you never know.

    I’ve been dreaming about growing microgreens but we really don’t have any space for it. We used to use a grow lamp on the kitchen table—it wasn’t great but it worked—but we replaced that with a counter which is a much nicer use of space visually. Still, I want to grow things NOW.

  • I’d been wondering about starting seedling because I have literally no window space for growing and extremely destructive and ansty children, but this- looks possible if I put them up on the table outside.

    I do actually think it would be amazing to meet in person. It’s a pity we’re, what, eight hours apart? Maybe nine? Google maps thinks nine hours.

    I’ll be putting up pictures if I get seedlings started.

  • Those are cool. But Dom thinks the destructive child would find them outside and overturn them. Still…. We don’t tend to have a lot of plastic bottles. The milk we get tends to be the kind in the opaque jugs and we don’t drink sodas. But I’m going to keep my eyes open for things we can use.

    I show 8 hours, 42 minutes to Toronto in current driving conditions. That looks like a fun drive too. I’ve never been to Ontario. But I’m not so sure about doing it with five kids. We have a hard enough time just getting up to Maine to see my mother-in-law.