Quick Takes, Starring Anthony the Great

Quick Takes, Starring Anthony the Great

1. Anthony

Anthony in daddy's hat

Anthony says he’s Toad and Ben is Frog.

When I ask Anthony if he needs his diaper changed he always throws his brother under the bus, “No, Ben!” But he pronounces his brother’s name more like “Bit” or “Bidge”.

He also calls his new baby sister something that sounds like “Woogzy.”

The other day I caught Anthony writing on his walls with a glue stick. Um… glad it wasn’t marker? This kid is trouble looking for a place to happen. And yet he is also so sweet. None of it is malicious trouble. Just curiosity and an insatiable itch for technology.


2. Homeschooling

Bella will probably finish the Saxon K math book this month. On to Saxon 1….

Well the practice sentences in The Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading had Bella in tears this morning (and yesterday morning and every time I’ve tried to get her to read them). She just can’t stand sentences that aren’t telling a story. (And no pictures!)
Fortunately I remembered I had the box of Bob books in the closet. No more tears! Instead she happily read all about Mat and Sam. Sometimes success lies not in thinking outside the box, but in remembering the box you’d forgotten about.


3. One of the best moments from the past couple of weeks:

“Ben is wearing a tutu over his cammo pants. With an orange dinosaur shirt.” Oh the joys of having big sisters.

4. Simple Pleasures

it’s amazing how my kids can spend days cutting pictures out of magazines and catalogs and playing with them. It makes an incredible mess of paper all over the house but it’s free. And they are so happy.


5. Growing Pains

Last week when I found that one of Bella’s adult teeth had come up behind her bottom teeth my heart sank because I knew it meant pain in her future. My dad took her to the dentist this morning and he wants to pull two of her teeth. We need to schedule an appointment for the beginning of March. I’m not ready for my baby girl to have to have teeth pulled. Poor Bella.


6. Getting Things Done

We got a new dishwasher this week (Thanks, Dad!) Anthony has already figured out how to turn it on. Now if only we could teach him how to load and unload it….

Actually, he’s pretty good at helping to unload it. He can put away all the kid’s plates, bowls, cups, etc. And all the plastic containers.


7. Daddy and the Christmas beer.

Daddy and his Christmas beer

This is a picture Isabella drew of Dom for an Epiphany present. It’s him in the easy chair on Christmas morning cradling the six-pack of Guinness that Santa brought. See his smile?


8. Anthony in the play kitchen sink


I heard Anthony making distressed noises in his sister’s room and assumed he’d climbed into the bunk bed and couldn’t figure out how to get down. Instead, I found this.

Yes, I snapped a photo. It was too funny not too. Plus I had to wait anyway for my dad to put Lucia down because I still am not supposed to pick up anything more than 10 pounds. I’m fudging it a bit now, but Anthony is more like 30 pounds. I’m not ready for that quite yet.

None of the other three ever managed this trick. Only Anthony.

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