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Mostly Pictures, Some Videos

My ability to write seems to have dried up. I just can’t find the mental space for it somehow. Perhaps it’s that trying to figure out a new routine is taking up all my resources. I’m finding time to read, but writing, not so much. Which is sad, but what can you do. I’ll just […]

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Anthony is Two

He’s one cool kid Yesterday was Anthony’s birthday. I can hardly believe that he’s two already. And yet he’s as big as many three year olds. I’ll get the official measurements tomorrow at his physical, but when I weighed him on our bathroom scale on Saturday—40 pounds! In the past couple of weeks he’s had […]

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Fasting Bread

This bread is so good I’ve been making it all year round since last Lent. I was thining of making it today and some of Dom’s colleagues were asking for the recipe I thought I’d post it here with some of my tweaks. (Original recipe found at Catholic Cuisine can be found here. It has […]

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What Lucia Wore on Sunday

Pretty in pink. Lucia’s baby acne got so terrible I took her to the doctor to have it checked out. But I was reassured that it’s just acne. And I started to give her a gentle face wash with warm water twice a day and it seems to be clearing up. And while we were […]

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Quick Takes—King Khufu Edition

After Mass on Ash Wednesday at the Pastoral Center. The first photo I’ve got with all seven of us together. Plus my dad. Sophie didn’t get ashes somehow. A bunch of quick takes that haven’t previously appeared on Facebook. I didn’t give it up completely for Lent but did constrain myself from being on Facebook […]

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This week on Facebook I ran into another instance of someone asserting that overpopulation is a problem: And I disagree wholeheartedly with the author’s belief that overpopulation is not a problem. The numbers are clear. If every family had 5 children (like the author) This planet would run out of space to house all of […]

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What Lucia Wore on Sunday*

Bella and Sophie always get the cutest dresses from my mother-in-law and sister-in-law and they love being all pretty for Mass on Sunday. While she has many nice dresses too, Lucia spends all of Mass snuggled up in the sling asleep and no one ever gets to see the sweet things she’s wearing. I’m almost […]

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Blizzard 2013

So you may have heard we had a little storm this weekend. Turns out it was one of the top ten snow falls since 1892, number five to be exact. (Why 1892? I have no idea.) Funny thing is I’ve been here for four of the top ten and I’ve only lived here for twelve […]

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