More Lucia

Dom snapped this one while she was snuggling with him.

Bella and Ben meeting Lucia.

Bella and Anthony.

Happy with Grandma.


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  • Melanie, it seems very fitting that you should have had a smooth hospital experience after the struggles you had with your pre-natal care!  So very glad that it worked out so well for you.  Lucia really is a gorgeous baby.

    I love the picture of you in the recliner holding Lucia and surrounded by the other kids, but I’m trying to figure out—who does that little foot belong to on the right side of the picture???

  • Mary, that foot does seem to be just sitting there, doesn’t it. It must be Anthony kneeling on the chair’s footrest, but what an odd angle.

  • Oooooooo!I love Lucia. And the singing Bella. And displaced baby Anthony whom I still remember meeting when he was a newborn. Thanks for sharing these pictures. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Great news!  You deserved a good experience—finally!

    I love the photos and feel like you are family.  I see far more of your children than my own grandchildren—I get caught up in the joy of their lives, but I don’t have to deal with any of the struggle.

    The photo of the three sisters is powerful.  Lucia will also have her heroines and protectors.  The boys will teach her to be tough, but will ultimately be her protectors also.  Sweet.

    How is your mother holding up?  It’s not easy to try to help without getting in the way and it’s not easy to run a big household when you are no longer young.  Bless her.  Bless you all.

  • She’s perfectly awesome!!  Congrats!!  And um yeah, I can’t think of a better delivery present than Mike’s Florentine Canollis!!  Yum!