“Our” Father

This made me stop and think:

… only one man has the right to say “my Father” to God, and that is Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son. All other men must say “our Father”, for the Father is God for us only so long as we are part of the community of his children. For “me” he becomes a Father only through my being in the “we” of his children. The Christian prayer to the Father “is not the call of a soul that knows nothing outside God and itself”, but is bound to the community of brothers.Together with these brothers we make up the one Christ in whom and through whom alone we are able to say “Father”, because only through Christ and in Christ are we his “children”. Thus, strictly speaking, we should not say that Christ taught men to call God “Father”, but rather that it was he who taught them to say “Our Father”—and the “Our” is no less important than the “Father”, for it locates faith and prayer, assigning them their christological component.

—Joseph Ratzinger from The Meaning of Christian Brotherhood

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