I’m on Cardinal Sean’s Blog!

I’m on Cardinal Sean’s Blog!

Cardinal Sean wrote about the homeschool Mass on his blog and featured an awesome picture of me with the kids. There I am receiving communion while holding Anthony, Bella and Sophie clinging to my legs (Ben can’t be seen in the picture, he was on the other side of me.) I need to contact the photographer and get a copy of that photo.

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  • Library day is our favorite. Sometimes we go twice a week. I reserve books, but the boys also find some good ones. Right now the goal is to check out all the Magic School Bus books our library has. I never thought these great literature, but are they learning and loving science right now!

    And the quietest and happiest time is coming home from the library.

  • We haven’t read any of the Magic School Bus books yet, though they have appeared on some of our suggested reading lists for science and history. I keep meaning to write a post about science—Bella and I are both loving our curriculum. One of these days when I find a few spare moments….

  • Thanks, Erika. That second to last photo is one of my favorites of him. It captures a particular aspect of his personality perfectly. The getting into mischief while looking innocent face.