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Entangled in Anathem

I love this recent post at Lit Hitchhiker: Why Do We Talk About Books?. It’s a great blog post and the discussion in the comments is really good too. (So go read it all don’t just rely on the little snippet that I’m going to quote for the sake of this post.) What really struck […]

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Ora et Labora et Zombies

When Dom came home from the CNMC (That’s the Catholic New Media Conference, which was held in Dallas last month.) he was full of all sorts of stories and he’d brought home a pile of books and some other cool conference swag. But by far the most intriguing thing he pulled out of his bag […]

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Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding: A Science Curriculum for K-2

by Bernard Nebel I wasn’t looking for a science text for Bella. I was quite content with a loose kind of nature study. Watching the birds at our feeder, following our observations and letting Bella’s questions guide our investigations with library books as a resource. But then in some comment box on some blog, I […]

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I’m on Cardinal Sean’s Blog!

Cardinal Sean wrote about the homeschool Mass on his blog and featured an awesome picture of me with the kids. There I am receiving communion while holding Anthony, Bella and Sophie clinging to my legs (Ben can’t be seen in the picture, he was on the other side of me.) I need to contact the […]

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Where It All Begins

Do you see the Bettinellis, front and center? (I couldn’t get the kids in the picture without sitting in myself, which is why I’m the only mother in the “just the kids with the cardinal” photo.) Many of my Catholic friends have a beautiful tradition of beginning their homeschooling year with a formal opening day […]

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Not Without Tears

Today Melissa Wiley writes about her six year-old’s “first” day. It’s very interesting reading to me as we’re slowly, rockily feeling our way into our first “high tide” season. (We did a science lesson last week. Yesterday we began with a formal math lesson and some handwriting practice as well as our usual pile of […]

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