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The Prairie Thief

This week saw the arrival of Melissa Wiley’s new books, the early reader Inch and Roly Make a Wish and the middle-grade novel The Prairie Thief. Sophie’s reaction to Inch and Roly was, “Are there any more pages?”  I haven’t yet begun reading The Prairie Thief to the girls yet because I selfishly wanted to […]

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Our Antarctic Adventure—Reading and Resources List

We’ve been hanging out in Antarctica quite a bit of late, fruit of following Bella’s latest obsession. For a while last week our living room carpet was the ocean and a big Ikea box was an ice shelf. Or maybe mountains. A bunch of books spread at the base of the box were pack ice. […]

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The Assumpion of Mary

“You are beautiful and lovely, O daughter of Jerusalem, terrible as an army arrayed for battle.” Christ ascended into heaven and prepared an everlasting dwelling place for his most chaste mother: this is the sublime festival, surpassing that of any saint, on which she who is glorious and blessed entered the heavenly nuptial hall, acclaimed […]

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Books: Recent and Not So Recent

I haven’t been so successful at keeping a reading log this year. Pregnancy does that. It addles the brain and saps the record-keeping desire. But I’ve read a few books in recent months that I have wanted to write about, have wanted to discuss at length. Perhaps I’ll just jot a few notes perhaps people […]

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