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Killing Monsters

I’ve been reading plenty of books in the past few months, just haven’t been inspired to write about them. I began to write a roundup post with a short description of several of the more noteworthy books I’ve read recently but found that this one was long enough to merit it’s own entry. So I’ll […]

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Who Are You?

The other day I read this piece, Who I’m Meant to Be by Rebecca French, and I guess it’s been gnawing away at the back of my mind ever since. Then Sunday night Anthony woke up around one and I couldn’t resettle him. I changed his diaper. He didn’t go back to sleep. I fetched […]

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Called by Name

The other night I had one of those dreams where I am simultaneously my college-aged self and my present-day self. My college self was evidently in the process of graduating. There was some kind of special awards ceremony that someone insisted I must attend for some reason. I got there and stood on the fringe […]

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Benedict Turns Three!!!

We had a simple day. We made a cake, chocolate wacky cake with almonds. All the kids licked the bowl. We ordered pizza for dinner. Ben got a fruit basket from Grandma and Grandad in Texas. We had video chats with Auntie Tree and with Grandma B. and Auntie Francesca. We lit candles, sang happy […]

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Farewell to Auntie Tree

Theresa using the little red wagon to move boxes from the shed. Sophie, on the far side, helps to steady the load. Everyone who follows my blog knows that my sister has lived with us for the past three and a half years. It has been a wonderful blessing not only to have another adult […]

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A List to Build a Dream on

Betty Beguiles is hosting a love song link up and even though I’m exhausted, I thought I’d do a quick entry. When we were married we didn’t have a DJ for our reception. We had an iPod with a playlist we put together of our favorite songs from our mutual libraries. Dom has saved that […]

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