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Hello, World!

On Wednesday I got a peek a little Baby Bettinelli, aged 10 weeks. (Sure, the OBs insist it’s 12 weeks but I refuse to count the two weeks before the baby was conceived. That’s just unscientific.) I am happy to report that Baby is very, very active and loves to play with his/her toes and […]

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Mass of Thanksgiving

Fr. Michael Sheehan, FPO, after his Thanksgiving Mass with friends and family Yesterday morning Bella was glued to Dom’s computer watching Cardinal Sean ordain six new priests. Dom was watching the live stream and putting captions on photos in Flickr as they came in on the live feed. Such is the life of a New […]

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At the Farmer’s Market

Going to the Hingham Farmer’s Market is our favorite way to spend a Saturday morning. It’s a cozy little market, right on the beach, and over the years we’ve developed a relationship with many of the vendors. Though we have been sad this year because some of our favorites—the guy who sold fresh-caught, fresh-smoked fish […]

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What We’ve Been Doing

Rainy days mean splashing in puddles. Big muddy puddles right outside the back door. But it kept them out of the house while I made dinner. So I think that balanced out the bath that Anthony needed after Ben poured buckets of muddy water over his head. The toddler who looks like a drowned rat. […]

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