The Flowers in My Garden

The Flowers in My Garden


My irises are blooming!


When I was a teenager one of my mom’s friends gave her a whole bunch of iris bulbs and I planted them in our yard. One of my first experiences with gardening. Over time, though, they got really crowded and long ago they stopped blooming. So I told my dad if he thinned them they would probably bloom again. And it occurred to me that he could bring me the ones he pulled and I could plant some in my garden. I planted these in the fall of 2010 and last year I was pleasantly surprised at how many shoots came up in the spring. But I was not at all surprised that there were no blooms that first year.


This year I was hopeful though. And the irises have delivered far beyond my wildest expectations. Right now we have twenty big blooms. Oh such a wonderful abundance!

Still, my children are my most precious flowers. And I love being surprised by all their unexpected blooms.


Bella surprised me by doing her own hair this morning. It looked really good.


She anchored it with two barrettes.


From the front it looks rather like the way I did my hair for my wedding.


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  • I loved sharing that trip to Boston with you. What a wonderful idea of Bella’s. Happy birthday to her for Friday! I feel just the same about trains. I used to commute to work in London by train and never bored of it. At one time I used Liverpool Street Station regularly, which in those days was a departure point for boat trains to continental Europe (I’m not sure if it still is). Jumping on a train to Berlin or Moscow always seemed a much more appealing idea that going to work! I can still remember the fearful but excited thrill I felt as a child when we visited London and travelled by underground (subway) – the trains came roaring out of tunnels like dragons.

  • Happy birthday, Bella! How exciting to see the real Public Gardens; we’ve read the book here many times. Our Isabel just turned six as well—what a good age it is.

  • Such a great way to celebrate a birthday! Happy birthday, Bella, and happy momiversary to you!

  • Such a lovely trip for you all.  Yes, I grew up right across the street from the commons & gardens.  I would walk to the Prince School thru the gardens every day from 3rd grade to seventh.  Next time you should do a visit to the Public Library right down the street.  Dom did go when he was little (about three or so).  FB is going to look for pictures.  Surprised he doesn’t remember.  The book was one of my favorites too.

  • I am so envious! We love Make Way for Ducklings, and when we told our boys that the baby would be named John but we’d call him Jack, my seven year old said, “Oh, like one of the ducklings!”  I hear you about the subway. Our city does not have a subway, and I love visiting Atlanta or DC, because of the train system.

  • Kathryn, Oh yes to hop on that train to Moscow! How exciting it would be. Have you ever read Paul Theroux’s train memoirs, especially The Great Railway Bazaar which recounts his journey by train from Great Britain to Japan and back? It so perfectly captures the excitement and adventure of train travel.

    Mrs D., Anytime the Darwin clan wants to come and visit the Public Gardens in person we’d love to play tour guide.

    Mum B, We remembered that you lived on Beacon and tried to guess which house you’d lived in. I was pretty incredulous that Dom had never visited the ducklings; but I guess he’d not remember much from when he was only 3. If FB can find the pictures, we’d love to see them.

    Karen, I’ve never done the Atlanta subway; but I recall riding the Metro in DC fondly.

    Kate, Someday maybe y’all can come up and visit us and the ducklings. Your girls would have so much fun.

  • We LOVE “Make Way for Ducklings.” Thank you so much for sharing your fun day with us. I can’t wait to show these photos to my kids (who are happily drawing in the basement…for now!). grin