Quick Takes—Ketchup Art

Quick Takes—Ketchup Art

Sophie loves to make pictures with her ketchup. Part of me—the part that worries about what other people think—wants to tell her not to play with her food; but the greater part wants to revel in her creativity.

We went to Michaels and I let the kids each buy a package of stickers. Sophie chose hearts. Ben chose cars and trucks. But Bella made what I thought was a slightly odd choice for a baking themed set of cupcakes, pastries and aprons. When we got home I saw her plan. She made a bakery and a set of paper dolls which she adorned with the aprons. Poor Sophie had buyer’s remorse and really wished she had a bakery too.

When I woke up Bella was already sitting at the dining room table with the huge Georgia O’Keeffe book open in front of her. She was busily copying some of her favorite paintings. This one of the skull and flowers was my favorite Bella interpretation. Instantly recognizable as a copy of O’Keeffe.


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