Happy Easter and Other Videos

Happy Easter and Other Videos

Finally getting around to uploading a bunch of videos off my camera.

I seem to go through phases of taking lots of video and then months will pass when I take nothing at all. Then suddenly I’ll have those thoughts you don’t like to entertain but I sometimes find myself stuck on this morbid groove where I imagine something terrible happening and how I wouldn’t be able to remember what someone’s voice sounded like and oh why didn’t I have a video. Or else I just go back and watch old videos of Bella and think of how shoddy my memory is and I’d forgotten what she was like at that age and why don’t I have more videos of Ben and Sophie at that age. So out comes the camera and I take a bunch of videos. So here I am in the midst of a video binge and you, dear blog readers, get to be the beneficiaries.

1. Easter Morning

Ben woke up early on Easter morning and played with the toys while he waited for his sisters to rise. All the duckies and chickies and bunnies

It’s funny because when I watch this video and others I hear how much like a two-year-old he sounds. But when I speak with him face to face I really don’t get that. All I hear is the meaning behind his words or else I’m straining to get at that meaning. It’s only with the video that I hear how he must sound to other people.

Oh and I love the bit where I look down and Anthony is biting the table.

2. Happy Easter from the Bettinelli children.

3. Anthony and the big stick.

Bella has been pretending this stick is a processional cross and Sophie and Ben have been following suit. Anthony likes to imitate the big kids and carry it around.

4. Sophie Reads to Ben

I was cleaning up in the living room the other day when I noticed my two middle children snuggled together in the chair. Sophie was doing her own version of Mo Willem’s Amanda and Her Alligator. Sophie never feels bound to stick to the text or even the basic storyline. I just love watching the two of them being so happy spending time together. I love watching how much they love each other and how sweet and funny they are. And how often they all have their noses stuck in books.

5. A Tale of Two Camels

When Sophie realized I was recording her, the story hour with Ben was suddenly over. She ran over and began to tell me a story about the two camels, whose names are Rose and Lima. (The names are permanent, no matter what the game the camels are always Rose and Lima just as the ostriches are Greydial and Pinkdial and the elephants are Mom and Dad and the donkeys are Teresa and Little Catherine, the duck is Lucy and the horses are Sly and Slyer.)

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