In the Car

While waiting in the car at the convenience store after Mass yesterday (while Dom buys milk and eggs for Sunday-morning-after-church-pancakes) I heard Bella spinning a story to Sophie and Ben:

“The little child who didn’t know any better was planting secret seeds in the nun’s garden and also putting out secret vases. Then she grew up and became a nun.”

There was more but I wasn’t writing it down at the time and I forgot to write it down when we got home. But I love these little glimpses into her world. Forget all the other reasons, this may now be my number one reason to homeschool. If she was going away for school think how many of these moments I would miss. More, would school itself and peers and all that eventually steer her fantasy worlds in different directions? Would they become more like mainstream culture with television characters in the place of nuns? I know that when I was in elementary school gradually my friends stopped wanting to play the pretend games I wanted to play and began to prefer things like kickball and foursquare and fantasizing about being Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. I felt left behind and bereft and vowed that I would become a novelist and spend my days telling fantastic stories. (I later learned that I have no talent for writing either characters or plots.) I know it’s inevitable that she will grow out of this phase; but am I foolish for wanting to prolong it as long as possible?

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  • I love that part too. He is such a thoughtful little fellow. And very neat and tidy too. He’s most likely to put his dirty dishes into the sink and most likely to use his napkin to wipe up a spill or smear of food.