Sick House

Sick House

We are all sick here. The big kids all have coughs and sniffles and are feeling under the weather. Ben is finding that all food tastes wrong. He’s thrown up a few times but I think it’s the cough and the post-nasal drip. Poor Anthony is probably feeling it the worst. I have to clear his nose for him to nurse and he throws up a bit after most feedings and every time I give him ibuprofen. Fortunately enough seems to stay in that it does help him feel a bit better for a little bit. I’ve spent large chunks of the last few days just holding him as he moans and coughs. My throat is raw and my sinuses are stuffy and I feel so achy and tired. Yesterday afternoon I passed out on the bed with Anthony. And Dom seems rather under the weather too.

Of course the house is a total disaster because no one has the energy to clean. I did a bit of laundry this morning when I had a bit of energy and Anthony had a small space where he felt well enough to crawl about. It’s amazing how time creeps by when you’re under the weather. I haven’t had any real time to write because I can’t put Anthony down to bed at bedtime. Ditto for watching the shows Dom and I watch. But perhaps that’s for the best. I’ve been going to bed earlier. I won’t say I’ve been getting more sleep with Anthony so restless and fussy all night but at least I’ve been in bed for more of the night.

So it goes in a sick house.

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  • That is a really nice website!  I’ve been using for CCE lesson planning – its very unique it seems, in having the complete text up (plus apocrypha, how kind!) and links to images inserted at the appropriate text.  It’s nowhere near as complete as your link though.

  • I’m captivated by the psalter illumination—something about the way the quadrilateral frame is skewed and twisted and distorted makes my heart leap.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • One of the things I LOVE about homeschooling is how anything and everything can become a teachable moment and school is always in session but rarely, if ever, boring!