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Books of 2011

I tried, I really did, to keep track of everything I read this year and I think I did a fairly credible job, though I am also positive that something or other has slipped through the cracks. Now that I go back to look at the year I’m kind of depressed at how meager the […]

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The Best Christmas Present

For Christmas Dom gave me a new website. It’s the best kind of present because I can share it with all my friends. I don’t like change much and so the new blog isn’t radically different. Think of it more as a facelift. The banner picture is the same because, well, it just wouldn’t feel […]

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The table on Christmas Eve. We had our traditional Christmas Eve feast, the modified Feast of Seven Fishes. This year it was four: lobster, shrimp, stuffed clams, and baccala (codfish stew). I realized that this is the one festive meal we have as a family, everything else—Christmas day, Thanksgiving, Easter—are done with the in-laws. This […]

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The Reason for Bridal Showers

As I mentioned before, my little brother recently got engaged. He and his fiance just set a date for the wedding, next September. (Yay!) After the excitement died down a bit and as I had time to start thinking through all the steps they will be going through as they plan their wedding, it occurred […]

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In Heaven It Is Always Autumn

Too good not to steal. Mrs. Darwin shares a passage from a sermon of John Donne, Christmas Day 1624:   God made Sun and Moon to distinguish seasons, and day, and night, and we cannot have the fruits of the earth but in their seasons: But God hath made no decree to distinguish the seasons […]

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Divine Office, Done Badly

Recently Daria of the Coffee and Canticles blog had a lovely post titled Worth Doing Badly in which she responds to a promoter of the Liturgy of the hours who stressed the importance of praying on a schedule, finding a quiet time and place for contemplation. Daria says, yes, that is the ideal but suggests […]

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