Takashi Nagai and the 26 Martyrs of Japan

Takashi Nagai and the 26 Martyrs of Japan

Today on her Shirt of Flame blog Heather King posted a letter from a filmmaker who is currently working on a film about Taashi Nagai, the Japanese scientist, Catholic convert and survivor of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki. Oh I was so excited to see that someone is making a film. Longtime readers of my blog might remember that I have a bit of a fascination with Takashi Nagai.

Last year I read an article about Nagai, The Catholic Holocaust of Nagasaki, and was immediately captivated by him. After that I read his memoir of the bombing of Nagasaki, The Bells of Nagasaki, a book that continues to haunt me.

Then I got our book club to read Paul Glynn’s biography of Nagai, A Song for Nagasaki with me and I became a confirmed fan of Takashi Nagai.

Then for Christmas Dom gave me Leaving My Beloved Children Behind, Nagai’s book in which he reflects on his impending death which will leave his children orphans. I’ve lamented that only two of Nagai’s many books have been translated into English. I’m not sure why he haunts me so; but he does.

Anyway, after seeing Heather’s post, I immediately surfed over to the film’s website, All That Remains, which has a pretty poster but sadly doesn’t have much information about the project. I’m hoping that there will soon be more information as the filmmakers are planning to depart for Japan later this month.

However, while poking about the site, I discovered this trailer for a short animated film on the 26 martyrs of Japan. It looks absolutely gorgeous, obviously very influenced both by traditional Japanese art and by contemporary manga and anime:

That trailer for the short film gives me a lot of hope about the Nagai project.

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